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Conan Exiles Server Settings

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mc head By Nathan Young

Conan Exiles Server Settings


Hosting a Conan Exiles server grants you the ability to fully customize the gameplay, from combat to building. There are tons of options to review and edit, with most being in-game. However, the same settings can be controlled in our easy-to-use panel for your convenience. This also serves to safely store your edits so it never gets reset, making it an extremely useful feature. Whether you’re making changes while playing or editing options in the panel, not everyone knows how to do it. This is especially true for owners who aren’t familiar with every setting. Due to this, we’ve created this Apex Hosting tutorial to give you a better understanding of the options and how to edit them on your Conan Exiles server.

In-game Options

Conan Exiles Server Settings

The best way to fully customize your Conan Exiles server is editing the in-game settings. This requires you to be an admin, which is done by following our tutorial. Once your character has the correct permissions, simply open the menu and select Server Settings. Afterward, choose a category to the left to begin editing their respective options. Due to the large number of settings, we’ll break down almost all of them to give you a better understanding. However, you can hover over in-game options to reveal their description. Otherwise, continue to follow the sections down below to get started.


The first category is General, containing generic and important settings for you to edit.

Message of the DaySets the server’s MOTD for others to see.
Server PasswordSets a password for the entire server.
Admin PasswordChange the password for all admins.
PvP EnabledChange if players can attack other users.
Can Damage Player Owned StructuresControls if players can attack or destroy user-made structures.
PvP Blitz EnabledSpeeds up player progression to get them at a higher level for PvP.
No OwnershipSets the server to allow no ownership over chests, machines, buildings, etc..
Maximum NudityChanges the server to allow full, partial, or no nudity.
Only Allow Whitelisted Players to JoinIf enabled, whitelisted players will be only allowed to enter the server.
Allow Family Shared AccountsToggle if a Steam account that’s been shared with others is allowed to join the server.



Conan Exiles Progression Multipliers

There are many multipliers to edit, such as Player XP Rate or Damage, available in several categories. For these areas, the best course of action is to follow our dedicated guide to learn about each one. Any of these settings are essential to your Conan Exiles experience, so make sure to understand them before applying changes. For example, increasing the Player Damage option will make all users god-like in their combat abilities. Some owners may not want this powerful feature, hence learning about them is heavily recommended.

Day/Night Cycle

The next category manages everything about your server’s day and night cycle, speed, and other aspects of time.

Day Cycle SpeedMultiplies the entire 24 hour day cycle speed.
Day Time SpeedChanges the rate of in-game daytime hours.
Night Time SpeedChanges the rate of in-game nighttime hours.
Dawn/Dusk Time SpeedChanges the rate of in-game dawn and dusk times.
Use Catch Up TimeToggle the use of “Catch Up” time mechanics.
Catch Up TimeSets the time for new players to “Catch Up” after spawning.



Continuing onward, the Building settings control decay rates, structure restrictions, and more.

Creative Mode ServerChanges if Creative Mode is allowed for everyone or admins only.
Allow Building AnywhereAllow making structures in any area of the world, even areas of interest.
Disable Building During Time Restricted PvPToggle if building is allowed during raid hours.
Disable Building AbandonmentRemoves building decay over time.
Disable Thrall DecayToggle the decay of thralls.



Messaging in your server is controlled through the Chat settings, such as limiting the global channel.

Chat Local RadiusSets the local chat radius for all players, in centimeters.
Max Message LengthDetermines the maximum character length for chat messages.
Chat Has GlobalToggle if global chat is allowed on the server.


Regional Access

Conan Exiles Region Access Control

Sometimes, server owners may not want a particular region in the world to join. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as limiting the community to only European countries. Blocking regions requires you to check off options in the Region Access Control menu. Alternatively, using country codes can directly prevent them from joining the server, if entered in the text box. Regardless of the method you choose, it’s possible to block regions or countries.


As for the last category, the Purge settings control everything about their events from its duration to the difficulty level.

Enable PurgeToggle if purge events are allowed or not.
Purge LevelSets the purge difficulty level.
Purges Per DayControls how many purges are allowed every real day.
Restrict Purge TimeToggle if purges will be restored to defined times.
Purge Preparation TimeDetermines the interval in minutes between purge warnings and its start.
Purge DurationSets the maximum amount of time a purge will last.
Minimum Number of Online PlayersChanges the required minimum number of players for a purge to start.
Allow BuildingToggle if building is allowed during purges.
Purge Meter Trigger ValueDetermines the amount of selected actions a clan or player can do until eligibility for purging.
Purge Meter Update IntervalSets the interval of aggregated clan purge events.


Panel Options

Besides editing your server in-game, you can make changes inside the ServerSettings.ini file. This holds everything we’ve covered above, such as the general or chat options. However, each setting is spelt differently compared to its in-game counterpart. Due to this, you may want to review the Server Configuration Wiki to learn more. Otherwise, continue to follow the instructions below to access and edit this file with our simplified panel editor. We’ll also be explaining other features from our panel that’ll help you configure the settings.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click Config Files near the top left.
    Conan Exiles Server Config Files

    Important: Ensure you’re using the correct Server Profile for this process.

  2. Locate and select ServerSettings.ini from the list, revealing its contents.
    Conan Exiles ServerSettings.ini
  3. Make any necessary changes in the file editor and press Save at the top.
    Conan Exiles Server Settings
  4. Return to the main panel and Restart the server to apply the edits.



Conan Exiles Server Settings File

As previously mentioned above, all server settings are found in this file. This means General, Multipliers, and everything else to Purge options are located here. However, there are some that aren’t controlled in the file, such as ServerName and AdminPassword, among others. If you’re wanting to change these, then review the section below to get started. Otherwise, all remaining settings are completely controlled in the ServerSettings.ini file. Although, if admins use In-game Options, it’ll save in this file upon restarting the server. Essentially, changes from the panel or while playing will be saved and applied. This is important information to retain, as admins can edit the server password or other options without your knowledge, possibly causing issues.


There is one more area to make changes to your Conan Exiles server settings, known as Customizations. This is where crucial information is stored, such as the default map, admin password, and other options. Editing them follows a similar process from our previous section, but isn’t a file. Everything is neatly organized for you in this area, so check out the steps below to begin.

  1. Head towards your server panel and click Customizations to the left.
    Conan Exiles Customizations
  2. Locate your desired settings, then change them to your liking.
    Conan Exiles Server Password
  3. Afterward, return to the main panel and Restart the server.


Common Issues

Settings Aren’t Saving
In cases where your In-game Options aren’t being saved, make sure to Restart the server from the panel. This is required to capture previous changes and update the ServerSettings.ini file. However, sometimes the options won’t save due to them being only controlled in the panel. In these scenarios, try to manually edit them and see if that works. Although, shutting the server down before making changes can help resolve the situation too. This can be done by clicking Force Stop from the main panel, but should be only used if nothing else is working.
Settings Won’t Apply
Alternatively, if your settings aren’t applying in-game, then there can be minor conflict. This happens if you try manually editing the ServerName or similar background options from the ServerSettings.ini file. These are supposed to be configured in the Customizations area, which will work. However, if there are other settings not correctly being applied, then make sure to Restart the server or confirm if your edits are valid. In other words, ensure the file format isn’t broken when making changes to it, then continue to apply.

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