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Best Villagers in Minecraft

Posted: Sep 18, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Overview – Best Villagers in Minecraft

While exploring the Minecraft world, there’ll be occasional villages for players to use. These locations have villagers, which are common characters that millions of people have traded with over the years. With relatively recent updates in Minecraft, more jobs became available for them. This means there are extra trades and items to obtain from them, leading to an interesting topic, the best villagers. Whether you want enchanted diamond armor or an easy way to receive emeralds, there’s always an option. However, which ones exactly are good for trading? Do they change on Bedrock and Java? Don’t stress about it, we’ve created this Apex Hosting blog to show you the best villagers in Minecraft. Let’s begin to answer your questions!

What Are The Best Villagers?

Best Villagers in Minecraft

There are tons of villager jobs in Minecraft, so we’ve compiled a short list of the best ones. This way it’s easier to understand which types to focus on in your world. Keep in mind that making villager farms is entirely possible, as trading items to obtain better kinds is incredibly helpful. The range of the best deals varies from armor to building blocks, depending on your desired gameplay. For example, players only looking for powerful equipment will focus on a handful of villagers compared to those wanting to create structures. With this in mind, review the subsections below to uncover the best villagers in Minecraft!


The Librarian is starting us off, as this character provides players with the chance to obtain enchanted books. These range across different levels, sometimes including the highly sought-after mending ability. Librarians in Minecraft are commonly used on dedicated servers and singleplayer worlds for their massive benefits. Unfortunately, this is drastically changed in the 1.20.2 update since their offers are altered according to specific biomes. Despite this, it’s still highly recommended to use librarians in your Minecraft world.

Librarian Villager Minecraft



Armorer Villager Minecraft

Players looking to upgrade their equipment will love to hear that Armorer villagers provide just that! This means you can easily exchange emeralds for iron and chainmail, and enchanted diamond armor. Rather than spending effort and time searching for materials to craft and enchant your own, trade with armorers to quickly get them. Besides this, there are other offers to quickly gain emeralds for other deals. We encourage you to have these characters in your Minecraft world due to their massive benefits.



Similar to the above villager, Weaponsmiths provide players with tons of enchanted items. These range from iron pickaxes to diamond swords and other equipment. They have other offers too, such as trading coal for emeralds. This makes them another wonderful choice to have in your Minecraft world, as it can help build your arsenal. Otherwise, it’s another way to get emeralds, level up your experience points, and have additional trades. Choose how you’ll use these kinds of villagers in your gameplay since they can truly empower you with strong gear.

Weaponsmith Villager Minecraft



Mason Villager Minecraft

Rather than tools, weapons, or armor, players can use a Mason villager to obtain building materials. These are primarily for those looking to collect colored and glazed terracotta blocks. In other words, this villager is an amazing character to trade with for building purposes. However, you can easily get some nice emeralds by trading common blocks for them like stone, granite, andesite, and diorite. This means miners or builders can use these materials for one of the best methods to get currency in-game.



Unlike other villagers, a Cleric will provide players with the means to quickly get emeralds with a vast range of trades. This isn’t anything compared to their unique deals! For example, you can obtain some glowstone, ender pearls, or even experience bottles to help level you up. We highly encourage you to check this guy out, as clerics can help your Minecraft adventures. Otherwise, there’s plenty of other villagers to consider when making your farm or simply exchanging items.

Cleric Villager Minecraft


Conclusion – Best Villagers in Minecraft

There you have it, the best villagers in Minecraft to help you obtain a wide range of resources. Whether you want some enchanted items, building blocks, or easy ways to get emeralds, you have plenty of opportunities with these NPCs. Consider making a villager farm for yourself to maximize your experience. Alternatively, always be on the lookout for each of the best types in Minecraft. However, using this mod can introduce brand new characters to the game for an even better trading scene in-game. We hope this blog helps you learn more about the best villagers in Minecraft. Have a good one, gamers!

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