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Minecraft Librarian Trades

Posted: Aug 7, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Throughout the Minecraft world, there are countless areas to explore and use for collecting resources. One of these locations is villages, which appear in multiple biomes for almost every version of the game. Within them, there’ll be many villagers for you to interact with to get unique items. This is called trading, with one particular character being a highly sought after kind in Minecraft. Welcome to the Librarian, a wonderful villager to deal with since you can get high leveled enchanted books. There are plenty of other materials too, such as lanterns and nametags, along with easy ways to get emeralds. If you’re an avid gamer like us at Apex Hosting, then you may have experimented with a librarian villager in Minecraft. Otherwise, you might be wondering about the exact trades or how to level them up in-game. Don’t worry, we got you covered. We’ll be showing you everything there is to know about these characters. Let’s get started!

Librarian Villagers

As hinted above, there are countless villagers in Minecraft with their unique roles. This means players might have a hard time locating a librarian in their world. It’s alright though, as using a Lectern can allow them to switch jobs. In other words, you can quickly build a base full of these NPCs to get the best trades. Don’t get too excited since there’s some work to do before getting powerful enchanted books or other valuables. Everything depends on the librarian’s level, meaning players need to make lots of deals before getting to the highest one. We’ll break down these tiers and how to efficiently upgrade them, along with some tips in the subsections below.

Trade Levels

Librarian Trade Levels Minecraft

Understanding a librarian’s level plays an important role in collecting resources, as they determine what items are up for grabs. There are five of them in total: Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, and Master. The lowest level is the first one, while the highest is the last. Keep this in mind when trying to trade with librarian villagers in Minecraft. Additionally, you may wanna make note that these deals are slightly randomized. This means there’ll be new enchanted books every time, along with different offers of basic resources for emeralds and vice versa. Enough about this, review them down below to learn more about librarian trade levels.


Starting off at the lowest level, Novice librarian villagers only offer two trades. This includes paper for emeralds and an enchanted book with its own required offerings. In some cases, players might get crazy luck and find mending at this level. Most of the time this isn’t so, forcing you to trade paper to upgrade the deals. Make note of the progress bar underneath the Novice label in the GUI, as this indicates how much experience you need for the next level.

Librarian Novice Minecraft


Librarian Apprentice Minecraft

Moving forward with our list, an Apprentice librarian is the next tier for players to try out. Similar to the first level, this also provides you with two trades. These are added on top of the other kinds, making it four in total. One of these deals includes another enchanted book, while the second is for a lantern. Both of them require emeralds, so make sure to have enough before attempting to increase the level again.



Most players tend to stop at this level, as Journeyman librarians offer one of the last enchanted books. At this point, there’ll be better discounts so you can easily trade for them. Don’t forget about the other offer too, which is ink sacs for emeralds. This is a great way to continue upgrading the NPC’s level, as squids are commonly found in Minecraft. Although, this can sometimes be glass instead.

Librarian Journeyman Minecraft


Librarian Expert Minecraft

If you’re wanting to truly get towards the highest level, then Expert librarians are the next step. These types of characters provide you with two deals, emeralds for clocks and compasses. This isn’t entirely powerful, so we apologize for any lost hope. However! Keep in mind that the last enchanted book could appear at this level. This makes it worthwhile to reach but may require you to reset the librarian’s role to refresh the offers.



It’s time for the final librarian trade level, Master. This only gives you one offer, which comes in handy if you love wolves, pigs, cows, or other pet-like creatures in Minecraft. You’ll be granted the option to trade emeralds for a nametag! These are normally found in lootable chests in randomly generated structures, meaning they’re a rare and valuable item. Using a nametag prevents the mob from despawning, making them helpful for lots of in-game activities.

Librarian Master Minecraft


Best Librarian Trades

Best Librarian Trades Minecraft

Now that you’ve learned all about the trading levels for librarians in Minecraft, what are the best items to get? Well, as many of you might already know, enchanted books are the greatest deals from this villager. This is a popular method for getting mending, fortune, silk touch, sharpness, and many others. Who needs an enchanting table when you have an endless supply of books with exactly what you want? That’s the line of thinking for millions of players around the world when it comes to the best librarian trades in Minecraft.


Villager Trading Tips

Villager Trading Tips

Instead of having only one librarian from a village, it’s strongly recommended to build a farm for them. This includes setting up multiple lecterns in a confined space, giving you the best deals possible. If one of them isn’t offering sufficient enchantments or items, then reset their job. You can accomplish this by breaking the lectern and replacing it, but you’ll lose out on any progressed levels. Keep this in mind when trying to farm for enchanted books or other resources from librarians in Minecraft. If you’re having trouble setting this up, consider using cheats or operator permissions on your dedicated server to simplify the process.


There you have it, everything you need to know about Minecraft librarian trades! Whether you want mending enchanted books or a quick way to get emeralds, there are plenty of opportunities with this villager. This is amplified if you build farms for them, as it increases your chances of obtaining valuable resources. Regardless of what you do in-game, we hoped this blog helped you learn what librarian villagers are in Minecraft. Have a good one, gamers!

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