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The Best Rust Servers for Different Play Styles

Posted: Dec 16, 2022 in Rust

mc head By Kevin Lott


Rust is quite an enjoyable experience. Shooting other players, raiding their bases, yelling profanities at each other over the proximity chat. It’s everything a gamer could ask for. But where can you get the ultimate Rust experience? There are so many servers to choose from, and such a wide variety of options. Today, I’ve gone through the tedium of compiling a list of the best servers to play on. They’ve all got their own attractions and novelties, so let’s jump right in.

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Rust Logo

Facepunch Small – This is a classic, official server that gives you a true Vanilla experience of Rust. It runs a smaller map size and population limit with monthly wipes for the sake of appealing to those players who prefer a slower-paced game style. There’s less of a chance of running into big clans on this server due to the small population size as well, but what’s great about this type of server?

The map is procedural, so you never know where things will be located with each new wipe. This keeps players dispersed rather than all focused on one area. The small map size also makes it easier to run around, and less likely to encounter big clans. Lastly, it is an official server with vanilla settings, so it will most likely be much more stable.

Player Limit: 150

Training Grounds

Training Grounds – Main – This is yet another combat training server. This one is quite popular and allows up to 400 players online at a time. But what exactly is a combat training server? Well, Rust is a PvP-oriented game, but unfortunately due to its nature of being a survival game, there is very little combat going on at most times. For lack of a better explanation, your senses get dull, and it could be beneficial to upkeep your skill or train what you’re lacking. Combat servers allow you to practice the game’s mechanics without jeopardizing your loot, base, or life in the server you actually care about.

This server provides instant, crazy combat with no thought needed for farming or building. Simply just hone your PvP skills!

Player Limit: 400

Rust Sandbox

US Sandbox – Creative – If you’ve been looking around for a server to practice your building, this is the server for you. This server is unique in that it never wipes, making it unintimidating to work on all kinds of awesome designs. If you’re unaware of what a creative server is, the whole point is to just build. Practice your building, make some great designs, and then hopefully copy those designs when you’ve gotten situated in a normal server.

These servers are great because you cannot be killed by other players at all, and you can come back to work on your builds at any time due to the lack of wipes. Overall a great idea!

Player limit: 200


Roleplay/RP friendly, Cities, PVE, No KOS outside – This server is mostly self-explanatory, but this is a roleplay server where you aren’t allowed to kill on sight. While roleplay may not be everyone’s thing, RP servers are a great way to get away from the toxicity of the typical Rust crowd, finding refuge in a more lighthearted bunch.

In this type of community, you can live out your fantasy in a PVE-focused environment joining other roleplayers for a fun and imaginative experience. This is an experience totally distinct from the traditional Rust gameplay.

Player limit: 250

If you need help joining any of the servers on this list, consider checking out our guide on how to do so here.


That’s my list! I tried to cover a variety of servers with different types of gameplay because I believe it will give you the best experience. Rust is a great game with a plethora of servers to choose from, but even if you happen to not find what you’re looking for, you could always host your own and create your own adventures. Good luck out there, and have a great day!

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