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Best Project Zomboid Mods

Posted: Mar 18, 2022 in Project Zomboid

mc head By Kevin Lott


Project Zomboid is one of those games that is complex in nature, but executed in a simple way. Sort of like Minecraft, the game has developed a simplistic foundation that could be built upon much easier than a game with traditional graphics, sound design, map design, or mechanics. Because of this, also like Minecraft, a modding scene can blossom from the game’s community. Today, we’re going to go over the best mods we could find for Project Zomboid.

Best mods in Project Zomboid

This will be a compiled list of what we believe to be the best and most popular mods. This list is in no particular order.


ORGM Rechambered – a continuation of OrMntMans Real Guns Mod, adding over a hundred real world firearms along with completely redoing the firearm mechanics with a focus on realism. This mod is easy to configure, adding a new options screen adding tons of settings for complete control of everything from spawn rates to damage values. This mod includes everything from advanced reloading, mechanics, rebindable hotkeys, context menus, unique models, and more.


Recycle and Craft – this mod allows you to recycle useless junk and craft old and new melee weapons: Axe, Katana, Nodachi, etc. It also adds a new method to preserve food: Dehydration. This mod is made for the people how don’t like to waste all the metal scraps they find around the world. By crafting a Metal extractor, you can keep and recycle all of it.


Antibodies – expands vanilla zombification mechanic by adding antibodies curve which is loosely based on reali-life immune system response. If antibodies overtake the infection, the character will slowly recover. This mod was made because the creator really liked the idea of a butt-clenching zombification threat, but not the way it is currently implemented in vanilla. With this mod, your survivability can be determined by your hard work instead of RNG.


Levelers Skill Bonus – a short and sweet mod that allows you to increase your in-game skill traits by simply pressing a combination of keys. This isn’t exactly suited for normal gameplay, but if you’re looking to experiment with game mechanics in some sort of developer mode, this is a great choice.


Literature and Magazines – tons of literature and magazines for your edutainment, some of them have slightly better stats. Sport books and magazines can boost your sprinting, nimble and stealth skills. This mod will also soon include translations for German, Russian, and more.


Fur Clothes – this mod adds new recipes for skinning small animals like Rabbits and Squirrels that give Fur. These recipes use fur, a needle, and some thread to make Fur Coats and Fur Pants. As of now, these clothes look exactly the same as normal Sweaters and Pants. This mod is meant to give the Trapping skill more valuable by making quality clothing.


Bedford Falls – this mod adds a fictional town, Bedford Falls to the vanilla game world. New zombie zones, story zones, increased spawns, and more!


MegaviBlades – adds edged items to the game: One-Handed Axe, Katana, Craftable Stone Saw, Craftable Metal Sword, and more. This is a great mod for anyone looking for a few extra options in a small package.


Craftable Molotov Cocktails – Re-adds the previously disabled molotov cocktail crafting recipe. Why was this disabled? Who knows. Regardless, this adds in the past feature.

If you are interested in any of these mods, you can check out how to install and play all of them using our tutorial here.


That’s our entire list! Project Zomboid is quite an enjoyable game in its base form, but its still enjoyable to see a fully fleshed out modding scene with creative ideas and unique implementations of ideas. Whether it be new mechanics, overhauls of old systems, or just some cool items, they’re all great. In any case, I hope you found some new mods to play with, and have a great day!

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