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Best Optimization Mods for Minecraft

Posted: May 10, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Whenever players modify their Minecraft Forge or Fabric server and introduce a wide variety of features, performance issues may arise. This isn’t ideal, obviously. You and others always want the best possible gameplay experience, with no lag or other problems. Fixing this can involve many unique solutions and mod developers know this, so they’ve created multiple options for you to try out. Whether you’re needing to optimize mobs or backend operations on the server, there’s plenty of possibilities. Due to the amount of modifications, we’ll be only covering the best ones to increase the performance on Minecraft. Let’s get started!

Mod Performance Issues

Minecraft Mod Issues

What causes lag on modded Minecraft servers? Well, the answer varies depending on the exact situation. Typically, this situation happens when there’s too many mobs, high view distance, poor settings, lots of unwanted backend operations, among several others. Players may notice FPS drops, stuttering in-game, or freezing when encountering lag. This makes the game unplayable and not fun, so fixing it takes priority! Consider checking out our Modded Server Optimization Guide to review what possibilities are available for Forge and Fabric. Alternatively, continue reviewing the information below to start adding mods to solve these problems.


Best Optimization Mods

Best Optimization Mods Minecraft

Remember, Forge and Fabric are different systems needed for mod capabilities. Due to this, there’s unique mods for each one to optimize your server and overall game. Finding mods can be difficult, so we’ve prepared the best ones for Forge and Fabric to get you started. However, there’s a universal modification that uses a tool to help optimize Minecraft, known as Spark. This and the others down below should work well together, but not every mod can work smoothly when combined. Blame developers or Minecraft for that, but regardless! Review the greatest performance enhancements in the subsections below to fix your laggy situation.

Forge Modifications

Starting off with Forge, this is by far the most used and popular API to support modifications. Whether you’re on 1.7.10 or using the latest version of Minecraft, there should be plenty of options available to try out. There’s optimization for almost everything in the game, such as lighting fixes or chunk-related solutions. Alright, enough of that…check out our list to snag the best performance mods.

Minecraft Forge Logo


Chunk Pregenerator Mod

If you and others are noticing problems with the world, then consider using Chunk-Pregenerator. This modification allows you to force load chunks without being near them, saving resources on the server or computer. Instead of walking around in-game and constantly eating away at memory, this mod does it for you to save future heartaches. Essentially, it makes generating the world more efficient without faults. This is for Forge 1.4.6 to 1.19 and above, making it widely available.

RandomPatches Mod

In cases where you encounter bugs or other issues while playing Minecraft, RandomPatches is here to save the day! This modification is highly configurable and fixes most problems commonly found in the game. It’s meant to be non-invasive, making your gameplay uninterrupted by its presence. Whether you’re being timed out or having lag while riding a boat, this mod helps resolve these issues and more. This is for Forge 1.8 to 1.16.5, while also having a Fabric version available too.

AI Improvements
AI Improvements Mod

Many players can encounter performance issues while having large mob farms, as each artificial intelligence requires resources from the server. Solving these situations takes the form of AI Improvements, used to improve the quality of your gameplay by performing backend optimization. Basically, this mod completely reworks how AIs function in-game to increase performance. It doesn’t matter how large your farms are or how many players/mods are present, this modification helps. This is for Forge 1.7.10 to 1.19 and above, giving server owners more availability.


Fabric Modifications

Fabric Logo

Players may rather use Fabric instead of its counterpart, Forge. There’s differences between them, but hardly noticed in-game. Regardless of this, it’s an extremely popular API for specific modifications. A similar concept from Forge applies here, meaning there’s a wide availability for optimization mods for Fabric in Minecraft. Whether you’re on 1.15.2 or the newest game version, there’s an option for you to try out. Let’s jump into the best performance mods already!


Lithium Mod

Even if you don’t experience problems in-game, using Lithium will greatly improve your gameplay experience. This is a general purpose modification to increase the quality of physics, AI systems, block ticking, among so many other aspects. Most modpacks implement this mod, as it’s extremely useful and players benefit from it. Whether you’re in singleplayer or multiplayer, Lithium works overtime to help you enjoy modded Minecraft. This is for Fabric 1.15.2 to 1.19 and above, giving you many options to use it.

Phosphor Mod

One of the worst systems for lag or visual issues, lighting can be a huge problem for Minecrafters. Luckily, the Phosphor modification overhauls this for your server or singleplayer world. Whether you’re trying to fix performance issues with light levels or generate chunks faster, this mod helps you do that. This even improves frame stuttering too! If you’re using Fabric, then we highly recommend trying this modification out to optimize your game. This is for Minecraft 1.15.2 to 1.19 and above, so most setups can support it.

Sodium Mod

Players that truly experience frame issues or anything related to rendering in-game, Sodium comes in handy. This modification gives you more power to the computer, leading to greatly improved frames per second. Whether you have a low-end GPU or simply encounter problems with FPS, this mod helps! It works by changing backend operations on your PC while playing Minecraft, not interfering with gameplay. This is for Fabric 1.16 and above, so it may limit few players since the game versions don’t go back too far.



Solving performance issues on your Minecraft server or singleplayer world is never fun, as there’s tons of mods to try out. Whether you need a specific modification for AI tweaks or faster world generation, there’s always something for you to use. Due to the amount of them, we broke it down into the best kinds. We hope this blog helped you understand a bit more about optimization mods for Minecraft. Have a good one, gamers!

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