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How to Make an Amethyst Farm in Minecraft

Posted: Aug 16, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Overview – Amethyst Farm in Minecraft

Ever since the release of Minecraft 1.17, amethyst has been around for players to use in their world. These materials are commonly found in caves as geodes but aren’t too sought after in the community. In the present day, these are used to help players build and navigate the environment. Due to this, farming for amethyst shards is an activity that shouldn’t be completely ignored. What type of blocks or items can crystals make? How do you even find them? Some players may wonder about these questions, as it can be challenging to get lots of these amethyst crystals for crafting recipes. It’s alright though, we got you covered. We’ll be explaining everything there is to know about amethyst farming in Minecraft to get you started. Let’s begin!

How to Grow Amethyst in Minecraft

Amethyst Farming Minecraft

Learning how to grow amethyst crystals in Minecraft is different from normal crops, as they have a unique process. Remember, these items are only found in geodes underneath your world. Locating them can be tricky, but should be relatively easy for almost everyone. Once found, only a few blocks inside can grow amethyst crystals. This means it’ll be harder to get lots of them, but there are a few tricks to keep in mind. The subsections below will help you understand how to find geodes, the growing process, the best mining methods, and their uses afterward.

Amethyst Geodes

Locating geodes in your Minecraft world can be extremely easy if you understand the basics. Their natural generation is found between Y-level -58 and 30, depending on the in-game biome. It’s encouraged to find large caves and follow these levels accordingly to discover amethyst geodes. Upon finding one, you’ll notice basalt and calcite that forms a sphere with a purple hollow core. In some cases, they’ll be an opening for you to easily enter it. Other times, you must dig around to create an entrance to begin collecting crystals.

Minecraft Geode


Growing Amethyst Crystals

Minecraft Budding Amethyst

While inside a geode, you’ll notice unique blocks that differ from their normal variants. These are known as Budding Amethyst, which are the only types for crystals to grow. Each of these blocks cannot be mined, with or without silk touch. This makes it harder to build an Amethyst farm in Minecraft, but keeping these geodes with their blocks intact is the way to do it. It’s encouraged to wait for crystals to start forming on them but can take a long time. Changing the random tick speed might save you time, as it impacts their growth.

There are four versions of amethyst crystals in Minecraft, varying from small to clusters. The only one to collect shards from is the largest type, so avoid breaking other kinds. Remember, waiting around or force loading chunks is how these crystals grow on budding blocks. This means everything else inside the geode isn’t farmable, but can still be broken if you want. We encourage you to break surrounding blocks around the budding amethyst to maximize the number of crystals that can grow.

Minecraft Amethyst Crystals


Amethyst Cluster Farming

Minecraft Amethyst Farming

As for collecting clusters of crystals, we highly recommend using the fortune enchantment on a strong pickaxe. This provides you with lots of items, sometimes x8 at a time. Occasionally, players may find only four or five crystals after breaking it. If you’re using cheats or creative mode, then consider making an automatic amethyst farm in Minecraft. This can be done by using observes, redstone, pistons, and other tools to easily obtain crystals. It’s a bit time consuming, but is well worth it compared to the manual method.


What is Amethyst used for in Minecraft?

After collecting enough amethyst shards in your Minecraft world, it’s time to get creating! You and others alike can choose to craft a Spyglass, which mimics the zooming effect from Optifine when using the item. This essentially means it’s a tool used for navigating the world or looking out for hostile enemies. Whether you have spy glasses for searching for villages or player bases in a server, they come in handy for all sorts of activities.

Minecraft Spyglass Recipe
Minecraft Tinted Glass Recipe

In cases where you want to use amethyst shards for building materials, consider making Tinted Glass. This provides you with a transparent block that blocks all light, making it useful for structural design and other decorative purposes. If you love using glass to build amazing houses or bases, then this is a wonderful alternative choice. We advise you to get creative with tinted glass and see what types of buildings you can create.



Farming for amethyst crystals in Minecraft isn’t an easy task like sugar cane or other crops but is well worth it for those players looking to get unique items. Whether you want to build with tinted glass or use a spyglass to search for structures, these come in handy for many activities. Remember, geodes with budding blocks are the only way for you to farm these materials. Avoid breaking them since clusters can grow on them, unlike other variants inside. Besides this, we hoped this Apex Hosting blog helped you learn more about amethyst farming in Minecraft. Have a good one, gamers!

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