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SwingThroughGrass Mod

Last modified on Jun 9, 2022 in Mods

mc head By Dalton Whalen



Tall grass is such an odd thing in Minecraft. You can walk through it, yet you can’t swing through it. Since the dawn of time, my inability to swipe my blade through somewhat tall grass has been the bane of my existence, especially when trying to kill mobs. Introducing SwingThroughGrass, a very self-explanatory mod. Today, we’ll be going over how to download and install SwingThroughGrass along with how it affects the game, and any information related to it. Let’s begin.


SwingThroughGrass is a simple mod that allows you to… swing through grass. By using a sword in Vanilla Minecraft, you typically hit the tall grass instead of swinging right through it. This mod ‘fixes’ that, and allows you to swing right through the grass and hit any mob behind it.

The mod was made by exidex, so shout out to them.

Installing Forge Client-Side

To play with any Forge mod such as SwingThroughGrass, you’re going to need to download forge. It’s fairly simple and automated, so here’s the steps.

  1. Download the Forge Installer corresponding to the version of Minecraft you want to play on. You can find the official Forge downloads page here.
  2. Run the jar you’ve downloaded and then select Install Client on the pop-up it presents you.
  3. Open/Reopen your Minecraft launcher and change the installation to Forge if it did not automatically change.


Downloading SwingThroughGrass

Now that you have Forge installed, you can download and play any mods you like.

  1. Head to the official Curseforge page.
  2. Navigate to the Files tab.
  3. Locate and select the latest version of the mod for your installation of Minecraft.
  4. Check for any dependencies. (SwingThroughGrass has none)


Client Installation

You can now apply the mod to your Minecraft launcher, allowing you to actually play the mod.

  1. Go to your windows search bar and type in %appdata%.
  2. Open up .minecraft and then mods.
  3. Drop the .jar of SwingThroughGrass that you just downloaded into the mods folder.
  4. Close all the folders and re-open your Minecraft launcher.


Server Installation

For the mod to work on a server, the server must have the mod installed as well. Make sure you’re running a Forge server.

  1. Open up your Apex server panel.
  2. Go ahead and stop your server before proceeding.
  3. Click on FTP file access. Then login.
  4. Click on the mods folder.
  5. From the mods folder, click on upload, then drop the SwingThroughGrass file we downloaded earlier in.

Once this is fully uploaded 100% 1/1 files, you can click on the name of your server at the top of the page and start your server.


As explained before, SwingThrough Grass allows you to swing through tall grass. Here, you can see the cow I hit took damage without me breaking the grass. Amazing!

hit test

You can still highlight the tall grass by hovering your cursor over it, but you won’t be able to break it with a weapon out. Swapping to anything else from your weapon will allow you to once again break the grass. It’s a very seamless process.


Another simple mod covered and explained to the fullest extent. SwingThroughGrass is one of the most self-explanatory mods that does exactly what it says with no real compromises. You can just swing through grass with weapons, a very intuitive and much needed change. In any case, I hope this blog helped you find a new and helpful mod. With that said, have a great day.

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