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Setup and Play a Life in the Village 2 Modpack Server in Minecraft

Last modified on Nov 17, 2023 in modpacks

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While playing Minecraft, it is not uncommon for players to take over a village to gather early game resources and trade with the villagers. The villages can often become a base of operations for some players as they continue to explore the world. After a while though, villages can become a bit boring. The Life in the Village 2 modpack can easily fix this problem. This modpack breathes new life into villages by adding new buildings, NPCs, and villager types. It is possible to take over a village as your own personal colony, and slowly build a sprawling empire throughout the world. This guide will show you how to easily install the modpack on any Apex Hosting server using the Game File dropdown menu.

Server-Side Installation

  1. Open up the Apex server panel and scroll down to the Game File section.
  2. Click the dropdown menu and look for Life in the Village 2. You can type the name into the dropdown to search for it a bit faster.
    changing the game file
  3. Click on Life in the Village 2, then click on the Change Version button.
  4. Create a new world and restart the server when prompted. Your previous world will be saved on the server to use later.


Client-Side Installation

To install this pack on your computer, we recommend using the CurseForge app. This launcher allows you to have multiple modpacks installed simultaneously and it will handle installing all of the mods for you.

  1. Download and install the CurseForge launcher from their website here
  2. Open the app, click on the browse modpacks tab, then search for Life in the Village 2.
    CurseForge launcher preview
  3. Click on the orange Install button next to the pack to start the installation.
  4. Once the pack is done installing, you can click on the orange Play button to start the game with the modpack.


Getting Started

Once the pack is installed on both your server and your computer, you are ready to start building your own village. You may notice that you will start in a village each time you create a new world. You may even get lucky and start in one of the unique locations such as the sky or underground villages. This is to help you get started with building your colony.

The pack has grown a lot since it was first created. The creator has put a lot of work into creating beautiful world generation and bringing in elements from popular city-building games for you to enjoy. Here is a quick overview of how to get started with a new Life in the Village world.


Build Your First Home

schematic menu

When you first join the world you will be given a set of starter items. These include a sword, some bread, the quest book, a manual for the One Probe mod, and, most importantly, a schematic for a starter home.

  1. To build the house, hold the schematic in your hand and look at a block on the ground.
  2. Right-click on the block and a new window will open.
  3. Choose your house style, bed color, glass color, and any other options you may like from the menu
    placing a starter house

Finally, click on the Build! button to create your new home.

We strongly recommend using the Preview! button to make sure your home is placed precisely where you want it. This will create a transparent preview of the house in the world for you to view.

The new home can include a chest with some extra starting gear and a pre-made mineshaft. The mineshaft will always have a chest at the bottom with some very useful resources to save some time early on.

example house preview


Start Completing Quests

Quests are an important resource in this modpack. You don’t need to strictly follow them to advance the game, but they will help a lot to get you started. Completing quests will also grant useful rewards to help you build your village and advance through the world.

quest book overview

When you first join the world you will have a quest book among your starting items. You can open it just like any other book in the game, just hold it in your hand and right-click. Using the book opens a new window for you to view the available quests. By default, it will open the Getting Started questline, but you can switch between the different available questlines by clicking on the arrow on the left side of the screen.

There are several questlines focusing on different mods available in the modpack. These can help you learn about the many different features available for you to use, but you can skip any you don’t feel like doing. We recommend focusing on the Getting Started and My Colony questlines when you first start as these will help you build up your base and get plenty of resources.


Build a Supply Camp or Ship

To get started on your village you will need to create a supply building. This is the base for the entire colony and you will not be able to advance without it. Be careful when deciding where to place the supply building as each player can only have
one colony at a time.

Supply ship and camp recipes

You can create a supply base at the crafting table using boats or chests depending on which one you want to use. You will need five chests for a Supply Camp and five boats for a Supply Ship.

Once the base is placed, you can continue moving through the quest tree to build up your village and get rewards. The My Colony quest page includes all of the information you need to build every possible building and keep your village running.


Tame New Friends

Ingvar likes bread

While you are exploring the world you may come across some unique named NPCs. These are potential companions for you that can be a big help both when exploring and when building your burgeoning colony. You can “tame” them the same way you can any other tamable mob in the game, with food. Hold a piece of food in your hand, like the bread you got at the start, and right-click on the NPC. After a while, they will join you.

If you right-click on your new companion you will get a new window to outfit them with new gear and change their behavior. You can set them to follow you, patrol a small area, or just stand there and wait for you to come back when you need them.

You can also set your companions to hunt animals and fight hostile mobs. If they get stuck while trying to perform a task, you can press the Clear button to reset their AI. This will reset their behavior to default so they won’t keep patrolling or trying to fight.

companion inventory screen



With that, you now have the beginnings of a village all your own. How large it grows is entirely up to you. With your quest book in hand and your new companions at your side, you can now explore the world without worry. There are tons of new dungeons
and mobs for you to find and plenty of new machines for you to build. Life in the Village 2 has a lot of features to keep up with and provides hours of gameplay for a server as you expand your humble village into a bustling metropolis.


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How To Make a Life In The Village Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your Life In The Village server will be created instantly