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Setting Up Mods on ARK Survival Ascended Servers

Last modified on Nov 28, 2023 in ark-survival-ascended

mc head By Nathan Young

How to Install Mods on ARK: Survival Ascended Server

Setting up an ARK: Survival Ascended server to play with friends leads to wild adventures, which can be amplified through various methods. Rather than playing with vanilla features, consider using mods for unique mechanics, items, and abilities. There are tons of them available online, with some being extremely popular in the ARK: SA community. Whether you want brand new dinosaurs or quality of life improvements, mods come in handy to amplify the gameplay. Unlike the older game, its new sequel allows you to effortlessly install them on your dedicated server. However, newcomers to the scene may be unfamiliar with our platform and might be confused about this process. Due to this, we’ll be showing you how to install mods on ARK: Survival Ascended servers in this Apex Hosting guide – kickstarting your new adventure with friends!

How to Install Mods on ARK: SA Servers

The entire process for installing mods on ARK: Survival Ascended servers is straightforward, as all that’s required is their respective IDs. In other words, locate your desired addon and copy its identification number. Afterward, you’ll need to paste it accordingly in your server panel. That’s all steps! This means you don’t have to worry about downloading or uploading files, even on your client. Begin reviewing the subsections below to learn more about this setup.

Finding Mod IDs

Getting started with this process involves first locating your desired mods, then saving their IDs. This can take very little time or lots of it, depending on what you want in the ARK: SA server. It’s best to copy and paste mod IDs in Notepad or other documents for later use, but isn’t necessarily required.

  1. Navigate to CurseForge ARK: SA, then begin searching for mods.
    ARK: Survival Ascended Mods
  2. Once found, copy and save its Project ID from the About Project section.
    ARK: Survival Ascended Mod ID
  3. Repeat this process for all the mods you want or until satisfied.


Setting Up Mods

Once you’ve gathered all the mods, the installation process will take a similar amount of time as looking for them. Simply paste their IDs in the server panel with a specific format, then restart to load everything. The following steps guide you through this portion of the setup.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and press the Stop button at the top.
  2. Afterward, click Customizations on the far left side of your screen.
    Apex Hosting Customizations
  3. Proceed to locate the Curseforge Mod List section on this page.
  4. Once found, enter your previously saved Mod IDs in the text box.
    ARK: Survival Ascended Server Mod ID List

    E.g. 930494,929868,900062

  5. When you’re finished, return to the main panel and click the Start button.


Modded ARK: Survival Ascended Servers

Modded ARK: Survival Ascended Server Hosting

Throughout all the modded ARK: SA servers, there are bound to be new features regardless of the addons used. For instance, custom items, dinosaurs, or workstations tend to be popular choices. Otherwise, there might be lots of QoL updates like better farming or reusable torches. Consider playing around with mods from CurseForge until you’re satisfied to make the best modded ARK: Survival Ascended server! Whether you want to focus on PvE or PvP features, there are always options at your disposal. If you need any assistance while setting up these addons, reach out to our 24/7 Support Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I update mods on my ARK: SA server?

Updating mods on your ARK: Survival Ascended server is done automatically when there is a new version available. Simply restart the server from the panel to accomplish this task. If the mods don’t update, then you’ll have to wait until their developers release a newer version.

Why do some mods not work on my server?

Some mods might not work on your ARK: SA server due to them being outdated or incompatible with others. Solving this problem means you need to isolate the cause, then troubleshoot accordingly. Examples include restarting the server, removing the ID from your list, or playing around with them until it works properly.

How do I uninstall mods on my ARK: SA server?

Remove the Mod ID from the CurseForge Mod List section in the Customizations area of your panel, then restart to successfully delete it. Do this for each one you no longer want to have in-game, but keep in mind that progress might change depending on the addon’s impact.

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