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Start Your Project Ozone 2 Reloaded Server

Last modified on Oct 24, 2019 in modpacks

mc head By ApexHosting

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Number of mods: 100+ mods
This modpack is fit for small to medium server population.

Project Ozone 2: Reloaded is a quest based modpack that gives you all kinds of different quests to challenge you along the way. It has over 100 mods, and has a built in quest-book system that will walks you through the modpack, and if you complete all of the quests, Project Ozone 2: Reloaded will keep you playing for hours and hours.

It is also setup to work great in a server environment allowing you and your friends to play together, but progress at your own pace through the hundreds of quests. You can also work off of the same quest book if you want accomplishing tasks together and working towards a common goal.

Project Ozone 2: Reloaded really does have tons of different options even allowing you to complete all kinds of different quests right from the start meaning no one’s journey is ever the same in Project Ozone 2: Reloaded.

Useful Links

Download The Twitch App: https://www.twitch.tv/downloads

Pack Developer’s Documentation: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/project-ozone-2-reloaded