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Pick Up Notifier Minecraft Mod

Last modified on Jan 16, 2023 in Mods

mc head By Nathan Young


Minecraft has many different items to collect, which can easily fill up your inventory. Managing what types of materials you’ve gathered can become overwhelming, especially if you’re mining. This may lead players to search for solutions to the scenario, which likely ends up being mods. Luckily, anyone can better know what items they’ve looted with the Pick Up Notifier, a Forge and Fabric modification. Using this in your Minecraft world will display all materials you collect, and even show experience orbs. It’s highly customizable, meaning these pop ups can be rearranged or controlled in other ways. This is considered a quality of life mod to enhance the game, not the gameplay directly. With this in mind, let’s learn how to install and use the Pick Up Notifier on Minecraft in this Apex Hosting tutorial.

How to Download

In addition to downloading the main mod, you’ll want Puzzles Lib too since this is a dependency.

  1. Head towards Pick Up Notifier and Puzzles Lib on CurseForge, then press Files at the top.
    Pick Up Notifier CurseForge
  2. Scroll down to “Recent Files” and click View All to the right of it.
  3. From here, press All Versions near the top right and select your desired version.
    CurseForge Mod Versions
  4. Locate the exact type you want, then click it and press the Download button.
    Pick Up Notifier Minecraft Mod Download
  5. Save each mod file somewhere easily accessible on your computer for the installation.


Client Installation

Before installing the mod, you’ll want to make sure Forge or Fabric is on your Minecraft launcher since this is a client-only modification.

  1. Open the Minecraft launcher and navigate to the Installations area.
    Minecraft Launcher Installations
  2. Find your installed Forge or Fabric instance and click the Folder icon to the right.
    Minecraft Forge Profile
  3. Enter the mods directory from the newly opened window, then drag and drop the files into it.
    Pick Up Notifier Minecraft Mod Installation

    Important: If you’re unable to see the “mods” folder in your MC launcher files, then create it before proceeding.

  4. Return to the launcher and click Play on the correct profile to load the mods.


If you’re wanting to have older game versions with this mod on Fabric, please download them here. The same installation process applies to these and other modifications. Ensure that your launcher profile supports what you chose though, as that will be problematic if it’s not compatible.


Getting Started

Minecraft Pick Up Notifier Mod

Upon installing the mod on your launcher, try picking up items to see them appear in the bottom right corner. This is enabled by default, which includes rare material colors and experience orbs. The size of the text and its icons are determined by the GUI Scale in your Video Settings. Although, this and other customization options are configurable in the mod’s file. Editing these settings will be what most players do, as most features from Pick Up Notifier are found here. Following this, review the sections below to gain a better understanding of the mod to get started.


Due to the mod being installed locally on your launcher, the files are in the main game directory. It’s straightforward to locate and edit, but we’ll walk you through the required steps to do it. Some options you may change are item icons, positions, and its text color. Other ones may include blacklisting materials from being listed by the mod, among other features. We’ll break down popular and important settings to help you customize Pick Up Notifier.

  1. Close down Minecraft and open its launcher, then head towards Installations.
  2. Locate your modded profile, then press the Folder icon to open the files.
  3. From here, search for the config directory and enter it.
    Minecraft Launcher Config Folder
  4. Once inside, find the pickupnotifier-client.toml file and edit it with Notepad++ or another program.
    Pick Up Notifier Mod Settings
  5. Save any changes you made, then Play with the correct profile from the launcher to confirm it works.



Now for the possibilities you can have with Pick Up Notifier, such as custom text color or different positions. The exact settings for these can either be simple or complex, depending on how you edit the file. For our sake, we’ll focus on the simplistic method to edit the mod.

Text Color
Pick Up Notifier Colored Text

Sometimes, the default white color can be difficult to read in-game, so changing the text color might be worthy to consider. In this example, we’ve made all normal materials appear as “RED” for the default_color setting in the pickupnotifier-client.toml file. The rare items, such as beacons or enchanted books, won’t be changed since they’re controlled by the ignore_rarity option. Setting this to “true” will make them follow the default color instead.



If the mod’s display is problematic, then switching the position may help. This is useful if you have other mods overlaid on top of your game or simply want to move it. Inside the config file, change the screen_corner setting to any of the following values: TOP_LEFT, TOP_RIGHT, BOTTOM_LEFT, BOTTOM_RIGHT. These will make the in-game display change sides to the one you choose.

Pick Up Notifier Positions


Item Icon
Pick Up Notifier Icons

In cases where you don’t want item icons, editing the draw_sprites option to be “false” is required to remove them. This is another different format you and others can use in-game, but most keep sprites enabled. It all depends on what other settings you customized, as the icons could be an eye-sore if you made the text bright colors.


Common Issues

Mod Isn’t Working
After installing the Pick Up Notifier mod, make sure that the game was closed and reopened with the correct profile. Modifications require a full restart of Minecraft to begin working, plus it’s helpful to avoid unwanted problems. Although, you need to have Puzzles Lib for everything to work. However, if everything is installed on an incompatible Forge or Fabric instance, then that’ll result in failure. Ensure you have the right game version for both mods and build you want.
File Won’t Save
The configuration file will only save if you manually do that in your editing program, but also requires a game reboot. It’s best to shut down Minecraft before making any changes to the mod, then you can save and restart to see if that works. In rare cases, if the file’s format or invalid values are present, then it will likely reset the configuration or simply not work properly. Make sure you’re entering the right options and following proper formatting.

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