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Palworld Servers Now Available at Apex Hosting!

Posted: Jan 22, 2024 in Company News

mc head By Nathan Young

Sit down and buckle up – this one’s going to be wild! We’re proud to announce that Palworld is now available on our game servers. You and others can join forces in this open world survival adventure experience, leading to hours of fun. Palworld has taken the gaming community by storm, reaching the charts unlike any other title. This is due to its unique game design and features, including Pokémon with guns? Yes, that’s absolutely correct! There are many areas to explore, bosses to defeat, dungeons to loot, and so much more. If you’re tired from doing all that, take a breather in your personal base or manage factories to produce high-quality items. Let’s take a look at what you can expect in Apex Hosting Palworld servers!

Palworld Server Hosting is Here!

Shortly after its release, we’ve decided to take charge of hosting Palworld servers – purchase one today! If you’ve already done this, then sweet! Our user interface provides you with all the necessary tools to personalize your experience. Whether you want to edit capture rates or disable player death drops, the choice is yours! We want everything to be as simple as possible, so you can find all these settings and more in one place – rather than digging through files. We’ll discuss more about the benefits of hosting a dedicated server with us later on. Besides all that, what does the gameplay look like for Palworld?

Palworld Gameplay

If you don’t know, Palworld is heavily focused on Pokémon-like creatures (Pals) that you can capture and use for crafting, building, fighting, or traveling. This is an open world adventure, meaning you’ll eventually stumble across dungeons, bosses, and strange areas. There are tons of activities to get started on when you first begin, including making a base. Collect and store resources for later to help you obtain high-quality items, granting you more power to shape your destiny. Whether you prefer making guns to slay enemies or spheres to capture Pals, the possibilities are endless!

Palworld Server Hosting

When you first get started in Palworld, survival is key. Quickly gather resources and complete tutorial objectives, such as capturing Pals. The vast majority of your time will be spent crafting and exploring, only until you have enough spheres to begin questing for wild beasts. Make sure to have lots of storage at your base, as this comes in handy when creating items. Players can easily fill them up, so having too many boxes isn’t bad. At a certain point, you’ll be able to unlock new structures and ingredients to help you along the way. Leveling up plays a critical role in Palworld, which is primarily done by capturing Pals around the world.

Palworld Gameplay

There are many different species of Pals, ranging from cows to dragons. Additionally, they’ll have one or more specialty types like dark or electric – typically associated with their breed. The regions of your world determine what kinds of Pals are available, with some being extremely rare. For example, the starter region has almost everything! However, the more you explore, the more you will reveal powerful Pals that are suitable to defeat tower bosses. Capture any kind of Pal you can and level up your character to become stronger. Otherwise, you might succumb to death.

Palworld Katress Dungeon

While fighting in dungeons, towers, or elsewhere in the world, expect projectiles. Almost all Pals in Palworld show off their strength by flinging, shooting, or summoning attacks toward you. This includes tornados too…so dodge and roll around to avoid damage. Before jumping head first, equip yourself with armor and weapons. We recommend crafting bows and spears unless you meet the technology requirements for guns. Ranged attacks will soon become your friend, as it’s the most powerful way to defeat enemies in Palworld. Don’t forget to use spheres on damaged Pals to capture them, especially any bosses!

Palworld Adventures with Apex Hosting

Hosting a Palword server with us provides you with endless customization and control. Our core features include complete access to the game files and settings, stored in convenient areas in the panel. Whether you want to tweak sphere capture rates or switch up the difficulties, anything is possible. What about backups? We have that too! Never worry about losing progress and data, our machines run automated backups every day. If you have any questions or concerns about Palworld server hosting, then contact us. Besides that, what are you waiting for? Jump into Palworld with friends to have an amazing adventure collecting and fighting Pals!

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