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The Official Crafting Dead Mod

Last modified on Sep 2, 2022 in Modpacks

mc head By Nathan Young


Zombies are a common aspect to the night of normal Minecraft, but there aren’t different types of them. The Official Crafting Dead modpack gives zombies an entire remake and even allows you to have guns to protect yourself from all the hordes. Hunting down zombies and looting abandoned structures in a desolate world creates a true survival experience. As you explore the infected world, you’ll encounter dead bodies that you may loot for weapons, food, crafting resources, and other gear. Collecting them requires determination because of the undead hordes everywhere that are out to get you. The pursuit of survival is also paved with managing your hunger, thirst, and bodily health. If that interests you, then luckily this modpack is easily available to you by the automatic installer provided by Apex Hosting.


The Crafting Dead modpack is a 1.6.4 modpack on Technic developed by f3rullo14. This is a successful pack with over 3 million downloads, and that’s because it combines The Walking Dead and DayZ into a glorious Minecraft experience. Surviving in this lost infected world is difficult and is loads of fun with friends. A quick glance at the mechanics are dead bodies that you may loot for weapons, custom food, special crafting resources, and other gear to make yourself overpowered.

Installing the Modpack


  1. Head over to Technic’s Download page to first get the launcher.
  2. After it’s installed, open the launcher and proceed to add your Minecraft account.
  3. Once the account is connected, click on Modpacks then search for the Official Crafting Dead modpack.
    Crafting Dead Modpack Technic
  4. Select the modpack and in the bottom right of the launcher, press Install.
  5. Wait for it to be completed, then press Play in the bottom right corner to start the game.



  1. Head to the Apex server panel and locate the Game File section.
  2. Once found, click on the dropdown menu and search for Crafting Dead Legacy.
    Installing Crafting Dead Server

    Note: Make sure you select the modpack in the Technic category.

  3. Click on the modpack and proceed to press Change Version and Create New World.
  4. Afterward, wait for the server to finish loading so you may join the server.

If you’re unsure about the joining process, then please review our tutorial here.

Crafting Dead Level Type

If you only create a new world without configuring the settings properly, then you’ll be missing out on most of the modpack’s functionality.

  1. Head to your server panel and click the Config Files option near the top left.
  2. From the top of the file list, click Server Settings and locate the Level Type setting.
  3. Once you found it, change the option’s text field to CD and press Save at the bottom.
    Crafting Dead Server Level Type
  4. It’ll prompt you to generate a new world, which is required so select Create New World.
  5. After doing that, Restart the server and wait for it to load before joining.


Getting Started

Now that you have the modpack installed on both the launcher and server with the correct world setup, you may now play the game. Once you’re playing, you will need some information and tips to survive.

Locating Structures

Crafting Dead Random Structure
Crafting Dead Random Loot

Loading in the world, you’ll notice these randomly generated buildings that can be small or large. These are the key areas of interest to start surviving, because they contain lootable items that have food, weapons, ammo, armor, clothing, and other resources. Right-click the loot piles to see what you found, then do the same thing for every item on the ground. All of it is useful, but you and your players will first need a weapon like a knife or gun.


Crafting Dead Crowbar
Crafting Dead AWP Sniper

It’s encouraged to get a melee weapon first because coming across ammo can be rare and is based on luck. However, if you do get lucky then you can get an insanely overpowered sniper rifle that can one-shot almost any zombie. It’s important to note that every looted gun does not have ammo in it, so you must find or create the ammunation before using it.

Fighting Zombies

Crafting Dead Zombies

Once you get a weapon, slaying the undead creatures can drain your ammo or durability. Conserving both of them is critical for staying alive to see another night. If one of the enemies starts attacking you, then your screen will be covered in blood and get worse as your hearts decrease.

Loot Drops

Crafting Dead Corpse
Crafting Dead Loot Crate

If you unfortunately die to them, your corpse will be on the ground for any player to loot. That comes in handy if you want to recover your items or steal your friends’ items. Sometimes when a zombie dies they will drop a unique loot crate that you can pick up and receive a random item.

Managing Health and Thirst

Crafting Dead Chips
Crafting Dead Water Flask

Surviving the harsh environments requires you to find food and water to satisfy your hunger and thirst. You may find chips or water flasks that can help with that. Flasks or bottles are extremely helpful to you and other players because it can hold water from any water source for later use.

Healing Tools

Crafting Dead Broke Bones
Crafting Dead Medpack

As you slay the undead and loot items, you need to manage your health in-game. If you need to quickly escape a deadly situation and fall from a large height, then your bones will break. If your leg breaks then you cannot walk as fast and will have a short duration of imparied vision. Luckily, medpacks can be looted from buildings, loot crates, or corpses that can fix your injuries.


You’ve learned how to install the official Crafting Dead modpack on the launcher and server, with a unique world from the pack to get started. All of that is required to play the game as intended so you can begin hunting down zombies and surviving the challenges you’ll encounter. There are many survival functions in the mod such as taking care of your body, managing ammo, weapon durability, thirst, looting in structures or corpses, and so much more. Those are the basics to surviving in your desolate world, but the future is a difficult path to stay alive. The consistency of zombies and the harsh environments will always pose risks to your and your players. However, it’s not all bad because of the funny items you can use like being a clone trooper. Now that you have an apocalyptic understanding of this modpack, gear up and enter into the dangerous world of Crafting Dead!

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