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Nitrado Acquires Apex Hosting

Posted: Dec 16, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Throughout the years, Apex Hosting has done its best to expand and innovate on every frontier through its superb customer tech support, reliable servers, optimized hardware, user-friendly panel, and more recently, an expansive database of tutorials/information for our clients to keep up with their favorite games. Today, Apex would like to announce the next development for our company. Apex Hosting has been acquired by Nitrado!

Nitrado Apex Hosting

About Nitrado

Very similar to Apex, Nitrado is a video game server hosting company that was founded with the goal of being the lead in its industry. Nitrado is a German-based company that is significantly older than Apex, being built all the way back in 2001! (Apex was formed in 2013)

Nitrado is a large corporation and a prominent company in the server hosting industry. With this new acquisition, Nitrado+Apex has around 160+ employees making it the largest game server host in the world.

Apex Hosting x Nitrado

In regards to the future of the Apex Hosting brand, what’s next? For the most part, both companies will maintain their current structures independent of one another, continuing to operate as they have. In fact, Apex will continue to keep its own branding and public image separate from Nitrado.

For those that have been using Apex for a while, you may have noticed our game library expanded quite a bit in the past year. You can expect further expansion in this department until Apex achieves something similar to Nitrado’s library, ideally.

Nitrado as a company has years of experience in the industry. Both Apex and Nitrado will combine their technologies and creativity to strengthen their foothold in the hosting industry, especially in North America. Apex Hosting will advance Nitrado’s B2C marketing while Nitrado will enhance Apex’s infrastructure by serving as a provider for hardware and software. Both companies together orient their work based on the customer which will lead to a better customer experience through support, DDoS protection, and optimized user panels.

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“We have found our soulmates in the hosting space and it is Nitrado. Apex Hosting’s commitment to world-class support on affordable high power hardware is matched perfectly with Nitrado’s bare metal services and experience in supporting over 100 games. We’ve achieved our goal of becoming the largest Minecraft hosting company in the world. Now, together with Nitrado, we will be the largest game hosting company – period.”Seth Mattox, Co-Founder at Apex Hosting

“We are exhilarated to be a part of the Marbis family. The experience of the Nitrado team and the infrastructure they have built will accelerate Apex Hosting’s expansion into new markets. It is clear to us that the two brands working together are the leaders in game server hosting.”John Rendemonti, Co-Founder at Apex Hosting

“I am happy and excited to work together with John and Seth in the future. To have a strong Minecraft server hosting presence in the USA with a strong marketing expertise was our dream when we thought about our buy-and-build activities. This came true in the form of the transaction with Apex Hosting. What makes this deal very special to me is that Seth and John have a very entrepreneurial drive which will help us seek new business opportunities and will make this story a success!”Marcel Bößendörfer, CEO of Nitrado


That’s most of the public news that we have for you all. While this is all new to everyone, we hope you join us during this journey as we redefine what the game hosting industry should be. We are excited to grow with our new partner, Nitrado in this mutually beneficial acquisition. Thanks for reading!

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