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Minecraft’s Vote Update April Fools Joke

Posted: Apr 17, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


More often than not, players of Minecraft are often disappointed with the contents of the miscellaneous updates that make their way into the game, but this time, Minecraft players were in for a treat on April Fools Day as Mojang released a new Snapshot update that adds a random voting system, shaking up the game experience. The update, Snapshot 23w13a_or_b was announced on the official Minecraft website and it includes a lot of exciting new features that players can try out. Let’s learn more!

April Fools in Minecraft

chicken jockey

April 1st, known as April Fools Day, is a day when companies and organizations play pranks on their audience surrounding whatever product they have to offer. The video games industry is no stranger to this, and many developers incorporate fun pranks into their games that alter the experience in silly ways. Mojang, the developers of Minecraft, has a history of incorporating playful pranks into the game’s updates. For example, in 2011, they released an update that replaced all the game’s textures with upside-down versions. The following year, they released a snapshot update that introduced a new feature called Minecraft 2.0, which promised to add a variety of new features, but in reality, it was a joke that included features like exploding pigs and invisible chickens.

In 2013, Mojang released an April Fools update that added a new feature called “Minecraft Reality,” which allowed players to project Minecraft blocks into the real world using augmented reality technology. In 2015, they added a new “Chickens” update that added a variety of silly features like “Chicken AI” which made the game’s chickens act more like real chickens, and “Chicken Jockeys,” which added baby zombies riding on chickens.

As you can see, Mojang has a long history of incorporating playful pranks into Minecraft’s updates, and players have come to expect something fun and unexpected on April Fools Day. These pranks add an extra layer of excitement and humor to the game, and they help to keep the community engaged and entertained. So what’s going on this year?

April Fools 2023

Mojang’s prank for this year includes a random voting system, allowing players to make decisions that can sporadically alter the game’s world. This entire update was released after the promotion of a hilarious video posted on the Minecraft youtube channel which highlighted all of the ‘voting’ events of Minecraft. To sum it up, it is pure, unhinged voting…

midas touch

Players can bring up the voting system by pressing the “V” key on PC, and every 30 seconds, a prompt will appear, asking players to vote for a proposal. The game generates a random prompt, and players can vote to enact it. The prompts can range from changing the pitch of every sound by 149% to setting the sky color in The Void to sapphire. Some of the more interesting prompts include the Midas Touch, which turns everything the player touches to gold, and French Mode, which gives the player’s avatar a beret, a baguette, and changes the language to French.

In addition to the fun voting options, the Snapshot update also includes new additions to the game, such as Mob Potions and a Moon Dimension. These new features add an extra layer of excitement to the game, giving players new ways to explore and interact with Minecraft’s vast world.


Well, ain’t that the funniest thing! Mojang’s April Fools snapshots for Minecraft are always a fun addition to the game, bringing the wackiest things to the relatively stagnant world. With new features like Mob Potions and a Moon Dimension, players have even more reasons to log on and try out the update for themselves. Furthermore, this gives us something to mess with until 1.20 drops. Overall, the Snapshot update is a playful way to celebrate April Fools Day and adds an extra layer of excitement to the already popular game. I’ll see you after voting for explosive flowers. Goodbye!

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