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Whats a Dedicated IP For A Minecraft Server?

Posted: Apr 5, 2016 in Minecraft

mc head By ApexHosting

Apex Hosting offers dedicated IP’s for Minecraft servers. A dedicated IP is reserved for only one server and isn’t shared with others. With it your server will be able to be connected to using the default port 25565. So you only have to enter in the IP without the trailing :port (ex. number. If you have a domain (ex. yourdomain.com), you can redirect it to this IP and use it to connect to the server instead without the trailing :port either. This allows your server to appear more professional and is easier to memorize and join.


Gimme One!

You can order this as you checkout for an additional $4/m. If you already have a server then you will need to contact Apex Support so we can quote you for the new addition.



Dedicated IP’s are not on demand, there is a 2 days waiting period. In some cases we may need to move your server to a node that has available dedicated IP’s. All this means for you is that you server will be hosted on a different node, all the files will remain the same. The only real change would be the IP:PORT, but that wont matter once you have your dedicated IP

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