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Minecraft Circle Charts and Blueprints

Posted: Nov 20, 2020 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


You ever want to build a dome? Or maybe even a globe? Well, they usually come in a circle shape. The issue is, Minecraft isn’t particularly known for its circles. There’s slimeballs, snowballs, and even ender pearls, None of them can really build an awesome sphere. You may be asking why you’re reading a blog post for something as simple as making a circle, but it’s more difficult than you think. You can’t just make a circle in any size you want, at least not if you want it equidistant in every direction. (as a circle should be) Let’s go over the short and sweet circles you can make.

Equidistance, and Geometry

What makes a circle a circle? Well, it’s a little iffy, but the general consensus is that every side of the circle must be the same distance (equal distance) to the center. In Minecraft, things are made of blocks, so it’s a little harder for this rule to apply but you’ll just have to trust me. There are only a certain amount of sizes you can make a true circle in Minecraft. Here, the provided graphs will show the possible sizes.

Minecraft Circle Charts

These blueprints of sorts apply to any type of circle build, whether it be a cylindrical prism, a sphere, or a dome. The main thing you need to understand is that you can make a circle of any size, but it has to be equidistant from any side to the center. You should be counting from each side, and then perpendicular to that side as well to ensure both sides are equal length. (in a cross shape)

If you’re trying to make a build that acts as a surrounding for a centerpiece, sort of like an altar, or you just rather have a single block be the center, use the odd circles. Otherwise, your circle will not have a ‘center’ block, but rather four blocks that compose the middle.


minecraft tower

So, now you know how to make your buildings round a little easier. Making a large cylinder can be really beneficial for your builds, but you just might have not realized it. From castles to towers, and even spirals, mastering the formation of an equidistant shape is pretty valuable. Squares and rectangles are cool and all, but a little variety never hurt anyone. Now, have a great day.

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