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Minecraft: Invisibility Potions

Posted: Feb 3, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


When it comes to Minecraft, stealth isn’t exactly on most people’s minds. Disregarding the addition of the Ancient Cities and the Warden, most enemies simply detect you if you’re within a certain block radius. Regardless, I have still taken it upon myself to educate you on one of Minecraft’s most interesting potions: Invisibility! This potion has a lot of unique mechanics beyond the obvious, so let’s get right into it!


Sure, it’s pretty easily understood what invisibility is and how it works, but every game does it differently. What does it mean for Minecraft? Basically, Invisibility is a status effect that turns entities invisible. It has one potency level, that being active or inactive, but its duration can be extended. Invisibility causes the affected mob or player to disappear from view although it is still present. Certain features of entities are not affected by Invisibility though.

Entities wearing armor, on fire, arrows stuck into, saddle placed on, and more will technically still be visible because those mentioned factors will not become invisible. Withers and Ender Dragons are also immune to Invisibility.


When a player is affected by invisibility, mobs do not attack or sense them until they get very close. So mobs can technically still be alerted of your presence, their area of detection is just significantly reduced. The more armor you wear when invisible, the more easily you are detected. With no armor, you’ll be detected at 7% within the usual detection distance, and with full armor, that percentage will jump to 70%. These percentages can be stacked with sneaking, which reduces the detection range by 20%.

As a last note, it’s worth knowing that Invisibility still causes particle effects to emit from where the affected entity is present, which can cause perceptive players to notice you if you’re invisible in PVP.

How to Make Invisibility Potions in Minecraft


Unlike most items in Minecraft, Invisibility isn’t craftable. You’ll need to use a brewing stand with a specific recipe to brew potions of Invisibility.

The recipe is pretty simple, just involving combining a Potion of Night Vision with a Fermented Spider Eye. You can extend the potion duration by combining the resulting potion with Redstone. You cannot create a ‘level 2’ of Invisibility like you can with most other potions. If you would like to create a potion that can affect other entities than players, you’ll need to make a splash potion by combining the result with gunpowder.



That’s all there is to it! Invisibility is conceptually very simple, but there are tons of…invisible…mechanics that aren’t explained all that well. Acquiring invisibility can also be a little tedious, as not many people are experienced with potion brewing. It’s pretty interesting to me how not only can the player make themselves invisible, but they can also cause other entities to become invisible as well. In any case, I hope this blog helped you learn something new, and have a great day!

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