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Minecraft Crash: Exit Code 1

Posted: Aug 4, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Have you ever tried loading up Minecraft to only crash? If this answer is yes, then you’re not alone. An extremely common crash to encounter is known as “Exit Code: 1”, with almost no readily available details about the issue. This can be a bit frustrating, as it can continue crashing your game with no end in sight. Fret not! We’re here to help you learn more about this error and how to fix it. There are many causes and solutions for this situation, as it varies from user to user. We’ll be exploring some of these in this Apex Hosting blog to get you started. Let’s begin!

What is Exit Code 1

Rather than trying to explain all the technical details, we’ll simplify it for you. The “Exit Code 1” crash means the Java runtime configuration isn’t working properly. However, there are plenty of other reasons for this problem. Whether you’ve been playing around with mods or manually tweaking your game files, lots of triggers can cause this situation. This makes troubleshooting the error much harder, but shouldn’t discourage you or others alike trying to resolve it. In some cases, there’ll be additional information provided in the error. This may indicate some reason(s) that triggered the crash.

Minecraft Exit Code 1 Crash


How to Fix Minecraft Crashes

How to Fix Minecraft Crashes

As discussed previously, you have some options to fix the “Exit Code 1” Minecraft crash error. These range from simply rebooting the launcher to completely reinstalling the launcher. Hopefully, easier methods work out for you, but it’s user-specific since the issue can arise from multiple reasons. With this in mind, consider reviewing our subsections below to see what works for you! Alternatively, reaching out to our Support Team may be the best way to resolve this situation. This is mainly for crashes that happen while playing Minecraft, primarily when enjoying your dedicated server.

Restart the Launcher

Minecraft Loading Screen

A classic way to resolve the “Exit Code 1” crash error is to restart the Minecraft launcher. Around a third of the time this will work without further complications, but can sadly not fix it entirely. For example, rebooting the launcher and playing normally works until this crash happens again. Adding on this method, you may want to consider restarting the entire computer. This too can increase your chances of fixing the Minecraft error. Alternatively, you can end the launcher’s process in Task Manager or an equivalent to see if that helps.


Troubleshooting Mods

While adding mods to Minecraft can enhance the gameplay experience, it can also be prone to crashing. If you’ve received the “Exit Code 1” error message after messing around with modifications, try reverting the changes. This involves you either adding back old mods or removing newer ones, depending on what possibly triggered the crash. Alternatively, you can remove all modifications to see if that works. If it does, then it’s 100% related to those addons. Otherwise, another cause is crashing your Minecraft launcher.

Minecraft Mods Folder


Reinstall Java or Minecraft

Another way to resolve the “Exit Code 1” crash error is to reinstall either Java or Minecraft. The first can be done by navigating to their Download Page, then choosing your operating system accordingly. After doing this, restart your computer and open the launcher to see if that helps. As for the other reinstallation, this can be done by moving your saves folder to somewhere else, then deleting the .minecraft directory on your device. Accessing these directories can be done by pressing any profile’s Folder icon in the Installations menu of the launcher. Hopefully, these solutions will completely resolve the crash!

Update Graphics Driver

Update Graphics Card

If you haven’t updated your graphics driver, then make sure to do this in addition to any other method you try. This can directly pose an issue for Minecraft and its background processes, making it important to always keep up to date. Whether you’re using Nvidia or AMD, begin updating your drivers through their panel(s) or other applicable areas on the computer.

This can significantly improve your performance in Minecraft and ideally resolve the “Exit Code 1” crash error.

Extra Methods

There are so many solutions that we can’t fit them all in this blog! With this in mind, consider trying the following: repair the Minecraft launcher through the built-in Windows system, allocate more memory to the game, or reinstall any third-party launchers such as CurseForge if they were used during the crash. Others may include changing the Java executable path in Minecraft’s properties, along with many more methods. If none of the above solutions worked, then additional research on your part might be required.

Repair Minecraft Launcher



It’s always a frustrating feeling to crash while starting up or actively playing Minecraft. The most common error is Exit Code 1, revealing almost nothing about the cause of it. Solving this situation can involve many fixes, such as rebooting the launcher or troubleshooting mods. If these traditional ways don’t work properly, then others might do the trick. Besides this, we hope some of these methods in this blog helped you begin playing Minecraft again without crashing. Have a good one, gamers!

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