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Minecraft 2 Player Adventure Maps

Posted: Jun 28, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Oscar Nava

Today we present you a series of adventure maps for your Minecraft server. Where you can explore and discover different environments in the company of at least one friend. You can find different scenarios such as a pirate island, a medieval environment or even climb a tower to its top floor, overcoming endless challenges and enemies along the way. With maps to choose from for both Java and Bedrock versions, this small list will give you the bases to start the adventure you always wanted with your friend.


In the Minecraft Java version, we can find a very large number of adventure maps to try out with a friend. The following are considered the greatest potential to create an epic adventure that you and anyone else can remember!

Train trouble

Train trouble is a fun map where your train has crashed and now you will have to figure out how to find the exit. Invite a friend to discover a way to get out of there! This interesting adventure, that can only be played with 2 players, has puzzles, parkour, PVE and a fight with a final boss that will give you hours of entertainment. Don’t worry about the difficulty since this map is easy but very entertaining!!!

Screanshot of the map


The Lost Treasure of the Seven Seas

The Lost Treasure of the Seven Seas is a map that allows you to embark on a mythical marine adventure, opening the door for discovering lost secrets this island holds. Invite an adventurous friend who wants to tackle multiple puzzles and test their communication, plus teamwork skills. Explore this island full of wonder together and discover magnificent buildings that hide mysteries!

promotion image of the map


Sword of light

Sword of light is an adventure map inspired by Zelda! Enter this fantasy world in the company of an adventurous friend and discover the mysteries that this world has to offer. Reveal the origin of the dark power that has hovered over this kingdom!
Overcome the 6 dungeons they have to offer, facing obstacles in parkour tests, defeat monsters and formidable bosses. You can enjoy more than 5 hours of gameplay!

promotion image of the map


Black tower

Black Tower is a large map that offers you and your friend the opportunity to conquer a large tower, overcoming puzzles and discovering the secrets of each floor. Spend hours of fun in the company of your adventurous friend deciphering the secrets and defeating the enemies that every floor has for you. Will you be able to finish it all?

promotion image of the map


Elden Lands

Elden Lands is a detailed fantasy open world RPG/Adventure map. Invite your friend to embark on hours of quest, puzzles, and more. Discover a world full of magic, new languages and formidable enemies. Travel the majestic landscapes and create your own story while discovering the origin of the evil that haunts these lands.
Are you ready to fight back against Elden evil?!

promotion image of the map


Now, if you are looking for an even more epic adventure and with greater challenges, I present to you the map of Elden Lands: Conquest Edition. This overhaul of the previous map not only improves textures and visual aspects, it introduces new missions and a complete system of weapons and armor with more than 200 different pieces to choose from!

promotion image of the map


Bedrock Edition

Minecraft bedrock (PE) has a smaller number of multiplayer adventure maps, most of these being themed or imitations of games from other platforms. Below we leave you 2 maps that you can explore in the company of your adventurous friend

mapa in game

Zombie Apocalypse v2

Zombie Apocalypse is a map where you need to find a way to survive, in the company of your best friend in this zombie apocalypse! Within this map you will find 13 different types of games with which you will have hours of fun. Earn Experience Levels from killing zombies or by completing certain game modes, then use these levels to upgrade your gear and unlock your arsenal!


mapa in game

Fantasy Village

Fantasy Village is a map that allows you to enter a magical world of gigantic buildings and surprising kingdoms. Explore these mythical landscapes in the company of your most faithful friend and create your own story in this land full of magnificent buildings. Defend the village or explore the multiple constructions of this realm.


Minecraft 2 Player Adventure Map Server Hosting

Whether you want to live and explore a fantastic world at your own pace or you want to overcome difficult challenges every moment, this short list of adventure maps has something that might interest you. Meet up with your most trusted friend and prepare to start exploring and beat the map(s) that you liked the most. Whether becoming a pirate in search of treasure or a medieval knight in a world full of magic, these maps are waiting for you. Don’t hesitate and start your adventure today!

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