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Minecraft 1.20.2 Pre-Release 1

Posted: Nov 3, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


Oh boy! Yet another Minecraft snapshot – I mean pre-release is being revealed! Satisfying the demands of the community, this update introduces multiple changes to villager trading based on biomes. As Mojang continues to develop villagers further, we can expect some of these changes to be reverted and others to be built upon. Let’s take a look at the Minecraft 1.20.2 pre-release 1 and see what’s going on.

Recipe Book Search Changes

Have you ever attempted to search for a specific crafting recipe in the recipe book, only to fail miserably as what you’re seeking doesn’t show up? No? Well, me neither, but Mojang felt that the recipe book needed an update anyway! Now, the recipe book will show recipes for craftables that you search if the letters inputted are anywhere in the name of the craftable, rather than just the beginning characters.

This can be a bit confusing, so allow me to provide an example. Before, if I were to search for the letters ‘Tor’ in the search bar, I would only see the crafting recipe of the multiple torches in the game, because they start with the letters ‘Tor’. But now, I’ll see crafting recipes for ‘ActivaTOR Rails’ because the letters Tor can be found inside of those words. Makes sense? Great!

Villager Rebalancing

This is one of the major overhauls of this pre-release. Villager trading will be receiving a massive update in that trades will now be biome-specific! That’s right, if you’re looking for particular trades, you’re going to need to go to a village in a specific biome. But wait, although that may rebalance the villager farms which basically results in villager slavery, won’t it be really annoying for people genuinely seeking out specific trades? Won’t it be a pain to seek out specific villages in certain biomes? Well, yes, but Mojang has planned for that.

New villages on climate Minecraft 1.20.2

Interestingly, the Cartographer has been updated to now sell maps that lead to other villages in the Minecraft world! For example, trading with a Meadows village Cartographer may allow you to purchase a map to a Savannah village, which you can then use their Cartographer to purchase a map to a Taiga village, etc. Using this method, you can easily find every biome of the village over the course of your Minecraft playthrough. How cool! Pro tip, if you’re just looking for the new mending villager, you can only get a Mending book from a villager in a Swamp biome.

The Armorer has also been changed in that his highest-level trades where he offers enchanted Diamond armor have increased in price. Now, not only do you have to provide the emerald fee but you also have to offer him some diamonds as well. I guess they’re just trying to crack down on most forms of trade automation. Oh well, bye villager farms!

Discovering Enchanted Books

Mending, mending, mending! Assuming you’re looking for the ever-illustrious mending or really any fancy enchantment, these may not be the best changes. Although, we do have another change regarding these enchantments. As you may have heard before, over your Minecraft world there are numerous structures, and you may even be in tune with the structures’ loot tables. Well, if that’s you, then you may know that at many structures in the game, including Ancient Cities, you’ll be able to find enchanted books in the chests sprawled about.

Inside of this pre-release, the enchanted books that you will be able to find in many structures have been rebalanced. As far as I am aware, any enchanted books you could have found previously will still be discoverable, but instead, certain enchantments now have increased odds of being found in certain structures. Long story short, if you’re looking for a mending book, check out the Ancient Cities! Odds are that you’ll still turn up empty-handed considering how much random loot these structures are filled with, but it’s worth trying!


That’s the pre-release! In any case, this will probably be a pretty divisive update due to the rebalancing of the status quo, which hasn’t changed much in forever. As messed up as it is to say, people are pretty content with the ‘slavery’ meta that villagers live under. In any case, I am definitely a fan of the enchanted books being more or less likely in certain areas, as I believe explorers should have a consistent means of finding the enchanted books they want. Hopefully, this update will be received well when it eventually drops, and with that, have a great day!

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