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Setup and Play a Medieval Minecraft Server

Last modified on Jul 31, 2023 in Modpacks

mc head By Dalton Whalen


Exploring Minecraft is a massive part of the vanilla game in both singleplayer and servers. Many players can remember the wonder and amazement found when first discovering the game and playing mods. Over time, that feeling may fade, as you become used to the gameplay of Minecraft and its many modifications. Thankfully Medieval MC, a Minecraft modpack, is here to revive that feeling of bewilderment as you explore an RPG-like world. Whether you tackle the various structures in the overworld, loot the dungeons under the surface, or jump into an alternate dimension, there is tons to see and do. Server owners may find this modpack to contain a lot of information from the get-go, so we have created this Apex Hosting tutorial to help you install and get started in Medieval MC 1.19.


Medieval MC 1.19 is a Forge modpack owned by SHXRKIIIE and authored by
LunaPixelStudios on CurseForge. It is the latest iteration of the pack and has over 214,000 downloads at the time of writing. With a focus on exploration, RPG adventure, and close to 280 mods, there is tons to explore and do.

Server-Side Installation

  1. Navigate to the Apex server panel, then stop the server.
  2. Scroll down to the Game File section, then open the dropdown menu.
    Medieval MC 1.19 Game File
  3. Locate and select the Medieval Minecraft [Forge] 1.19 version.
  4. When prompted, confirm the version change, then generate a new world.
    Medieval MC 1.19 New World
  5. After this, restart the server to load up the necessary mod files.


Client-Side Installation

  1. Download and install the CurseForge launcher for your desired operating system.
    Medieval MC 1.19 CurseForge Download
  2. Within the app, navigate to Browse Modpacks, then search for Medieval MC.
  3. Locate Medieval MC [FORGE] - MMC3 and press Install to the right-hand side.
    Medieval MC 1.19 Install
  4. Once completed, return to the My Modpacks tab, then select Play on the pack.
    Medieval MC 1.19 Play
  5. Launch the game as normal, then join your modded server.


How to Get Started

Once you connect to a Medieval MC 1.19 server, there will be immediate changes that you’ll notice:

Selecting an Origin

Medieval MC 1.19 Origins Select

Upon first joining the server, you will receive a prompt allowing you to select an origin for your character. There are up to 13 unique origins to choose from, as well as a default human. These can have a low impact on your experience or completely redefine it. Whether you choose to soar in the skies as an Avian or remain safe in the water as a Merling, there are many options to choose from. It is recommended to read through each of the options, then select your choice.


UI Changes

As soon as you select an origin and control your character, there will be a new UI that has tons of information for you to process. These include a new minimap in the corner, armor durability, and a large box that appears when unlocking achievements. This may be a bit confusing at first, but as you continue to play, it will make character management easier than ever before.

Medieval MC 1.19 New GUI


Locating New Biomes

Medieval MC 1.19 Biome Display

In addition to the UI is the inclusion of a text prompt when entering a new biome. This can assist you with keeping track of which biome you are in, as well as the line between biomes. This especially adds to the RPG-feel of the modpack, as popular games will often have a similar effect when entering new locations.

Medieval MC 1.19 New Biome 1
Medieval MC 1.19 New Biome 2

Alongside this are new biomes to explore. These can be realistic biomes based off of its real-world counterpart like the Temperate Rainforest. Others can be significantly more unique with bright, vibrant colors and palettes, such as the Jacaranda Forest.

Interesting Structures

An RPG world is never complete without the addition of various interesting structures. These can range from seemingly normal structures to more fantastical and complex additions.

NPC House

Medieval MC 1.19 NPC House

A beautiful, furnished house can be found which may contain a few NPCs. These NPCs can often be interacted with in order to prompt a quest, usually to find specific items. This is also a great spot to rest after a long exploration.


Medieval MC 1.19 Greenhouse

These large glass domes can be found glowing from a good distance, which will lead you to the greenhouse. This neat structure is filled with various plants and other fauna, as well as doubling as a safe location due to the light levels.



Medieval MC 1.19 Outpost

Many Outposts can be found in the world, which can range from campsites to full structures. These often contain hostile enemies like pillagers, so approach with caution and be prepared for a fight as many may lie in wait.

Upgraded Woodland Mansions

Medieval MC 1.19 Upgraded Mansions

Beautiful on the outside and dangerous on the inside, these upgraded Woodland Mansions already depart from their vanilla counterparts in looks alone. These may include a pillager tower built-in and will have enemies inside.


Dangerous Mobs

Medieval MC 1.19 New Enemies 1
Medieval MC 1.19 New Enemies 2

As dusk falls and the monsters are set free, get ready to encounter tons of enemies. Some of these are similar to their vanilla versions, such as a Skeleton Creeper or an armored Zombie. Others are completely new and terrifying beasts, like the Hidebehind, Zombie Clown, and plenty more.

Deep Dungeons

Medieval MC 1.19 Dungeon 1
Medieval MC 1.19 Dungeon 2

Tired of exploring the overworld? Time to take your journey below ground with the variety of dungeons that can be discovered. Some of these have obvious entrances that lead right into the dungeon area. Others are entirely hidden and will only be found if you manage to dig into it. These dungeons can be decorated, have enemies, loot, and plenty more. You can choose to grab the loot and escape or turn it into a base of operations for your team.


Overall, there are a ton of various features to find and experience on your Medieval MC 1.19 server. Whether you choose to tackle this RPG adventure by yourself or with other players, there are hours of content that are waiting to be discovered. As you get stronger and build your arsenal, you’ll eventually expand your journey into other dimensions like the Twilight Forest, Deeper & Darker, and more. If building is more your style, make use of MineColonies to create your own kingdom and rule your lands. With all this in mind, you are ready to install and jump into the action with Medieval MC 1.19.

Common Issues

I receive an error when joining the server:

Oftentimes if this occurs, it means that the server is either not running properly or your own modpack is not functioning. First, ensure you have generated a new world and have fully restarted the server. If you are still receiving an error when it is marked as Online, make sure you are launching the modpack directly through CurseForge and that the versions match. Once this has been adjusted, you should be able to join normally.

I can join the server, but modded items don’t seem to work:

When this error occurs, it is normally due to the modpack being loaded on your own game, but not on the server. This can usually be confirmed by creating a singleplayer world and seeing if the modpack works there. If so, return to the Apex panel and verify that the server is running the Medieval Minecraft 1.19 version. Afterwards, restart the server and then try to join once again.

The server doesn’t start after removing mods:

If you removed mods for any reason, the server will usually prevent itself from starting up in case this was an accident or to prevent world corruption. To force the server to start, you can use the /fml confirm command in the console. Alternatively, click the Change World button on the main panel page, enter a unique name, then restart to create an entirely new world. Once either of these have been performed, you should be ready to join and continue playing.

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