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LifeSteal SMP Plugin

Last modified on Jul 12, 2023 in plugins

mc head By Nathan Young


Survival in Multiplayer Minecraft can be a fantastic way to spend time with friends, as overcoming challenges and building amazing bases can be enjoyable. However, for Hardcore players, most servers aren’t difficult or interesting enough. This is due to the number of lives the players receive, which is endless. Luckily, the LifeSteal SMP Plugin makes any survival server harder by limiting the hearts of every user. Using this spices up gameplay and even allows players to revive deceased characters or store extra hearts for later use. There are other features in LifeSteal and can be configured to your liking. Paper or other Bukkit-related servers are required for this plugin, which is easily added through our panel. Keeping this in mind, let’s learn how to install and use the LifeSteal SMP Plugin on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting tutorial.


  1. Navigate towards LifeSteal SMP Plugin’s Spigot page, then press Download Now to the right.
    LifeSteal SMP Plugin Download
  2. Save the file somewhere easily accessible and head towards your Apex server panel.
  3. Near the top left, click FTP File Access and login with your password.
    Apex Hosting FTP File Access
  4. Afterward, enter in the plugins directory and press Upload in the top left corner.
  5. Drag and drop the plugin file into the respective area, then wait for it to reach 100%.
    LifeSteal SMP Plugin Installation
  6. Once it’s finished, return to the main panel and Restart the server.
  7. Wait for this to complete, then join and execute /plugins in-chat to confirm if the plugin installed correctly.
    Minecraft Plugins Command LifeSteal

    Note: If you don’t see “LifeSteal-Smp-Plugin” in the list or it appears as red, then it’s not properly installed.


Getting Started

When joining the server for the first time after installing the plugin, there isn’t a noticeable difference from normal gameplay. However, whenever you die it’ll soon become apparent that this isn’t default Minecraft. The main objective from the LifeSteal SMP Plugin is to challenge players to survive by decreasing their hearts with each death. There are other features that can revive dead users, allow for craftable hearts, and more. This is certainly a common plugin among Minecraft SMP servers, as it’s been used in popular YouTube videos and series. Anyone familiar with these will already know the main goal for LifeSteal. Regardless of this, let’s explore the several unique features the plugin offers to get you started.


As previously mentioned, losing hearts is the primary feature from the plugin. This makes surviving more challenging for everyone, which can lead to interesting gameplay sessions. For example, if one person loses too many hearts, they’ll die and become eliminated from the server. Another instance is when someone kills a player to steal their heart, thereby the victim loses a life.

Minecraft LifeSteal SMP Plugin


Minecraft LifeSteal SMP Plugin Heart Recipe

However, this can be prevented if you craft new hearts. It’s a little costy, as it requires diamonds, gold, and obsidian. This means it isn’t for new players due to the needed resources. Although, it’s completely configurable and can be changed to all dirt blocks if you wanted. Additionally, this Extra Heart item can be turned into multiple hearts via changing settings. Protecting your character’s health is vital for survival, so make sure to utilize these features.



Minecraft LifeSteal SMP Plugin Eliminated

On the topic of survival, players will need to constantly survive without death when the LifeSteal SMP Plugin is enabled. This is due to them having a limited amount of lives, as mentioned before. Once a character is eliminated from the world, another person is required to revive them through a Revive Beacon or other means. When the user is revived, they can join the world without any rejections to continue playing. This is an essential aspect to LifeSteal, as it’s the punishment for dying in the server.

Minecraft LifeSteal SMP Plugin Revive Beacon

Luckily, the beacon is craftable by anyone on the server, with the only downside being that it’s expensive. It requires netherite ingots and, of course, a beacon. After it’s been created, players can right-click while holding it to open a GUI. This menu allows for them to revive specific people, meaning teams can form and some could purposely avoid reviving others.


Whether you’re wanting admin control or authorizing players to use some features, LifeSteal SMP Plugin commands do these and more. There aren’t many of them, but are very useful to server owners and others. Let’s explore them!

/LSwithdrawlssmp.withdrawRemoves a heart from your character, but gives an Extra Heart item instead.
/LSversionlssmp.versionReturns the plugin’s development version.
/LSrevive [username / all]lssmp.reviveInstantly revive a player or all players.
/LSreset [username / all]lssmp.resetResets all hearts for a person or everyone.
/LSreloadlssmp.reloadReloads the plugin into the server to apply recent file changes.
/LSlanguagelssmp.languageSelect the language of the plugin.
/LShealth [add / get / set / sub] [username] [hearts]lssmp.healthChoose to either add, get, set, or subtract health from a player.
/LSeliminate [username / all]lssmp.eliminateEliminate a user from the world, but retains their lives.
/LSchangeloglssmp.changelogView the changelog of the plugin’s update.
/LSgive [item] [amount] [username]lssmp.giveGive a plugin item to a player.
/LSrecipelssmp.recipeDisplays all recipes for plugin items.



Inside of your server’s FTP panel where the plugin was uploaded, there’s a LifeSteal-Smp-Plugin folder that contains a config.yml file. This holds core settings for the plugin, such as max health, starting hearts, and allows for customization with messages, among other features. Tweaking the configuration file is how you find exactly what works best for the server. You may find the default settings down below to review, but if you need assistance with this then join the plugin’s Discord server.

LifeSteal SMP Plugin Config.yml
LifeSteal SMP Plugin Configuration


Common Issues

Plugin Doesn’t Work
If after installing the LifeSteal SMP Plugin and it doesn’t work, then make sure that it’s located in the correct server profile and directory. For instance, if you had a saved server profile with the plugin that wasn’t for Minecraft, then it’d pose issues. As for the location, it’s supposed to be in the plugins folder. Even if it’s in there, make sure to Restart the server afterward to ensure it loads. If it still isn’t working, then make sure the version and type of the server supports the plugin.
Elimination is Stuck
When a player dies in-game and has no more lives to spend, they’ll be faced with total elimination from the server. It forces them offline and wouldn’t be able to join without being revived. If you or anyone else is experiencing this problem and want to reverse it, then use the /LSrevive [username] command. Otherwise, craft a Revive Beacon and interact with it for the revival.
Configuration Isn’t Saving
After making file changes to the plugin, make sure to click Save and Restart the server. Alternatively, you can use /LSreload in-game to relog the plugin’s files. If these don’t work, then your last resort would be to Force Stop the server from the panel and make the file changes, then Restart the server.

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