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When hosting a Minecraft Server through Apex, one of the most powerful yet simple customization features is the ability to use resource packs. Resource packs change the textures of blocks, making your favorite blocks appear as your favorite styles from cartoon to realism, custom items, sounds, and more. This category provides a variety of guides on resource packs that you can use on your own dream Minecraft server!

Bare Bones Resource Pack – Blog

Bare Bones Resource Pack

In recent years, Minecraft trailers have used simplistic graphics and textures to showcase new features. Fans of these visuals may want to replicate them in their own world, which is achieved by using resource packs. An extremely popular one is called...
Clarity Resource Pack – Blog

Clarity Resource Pack

Fans of vanilla Minecraft may want to customize their gameplay experience by altering the default textures. This is achieved by using resource packs, which amplify how you view the in-game world. In some cases, these can completely overhaul the appearance...
Epic Adventures Resource Pack – Blog

Epic Adventures Resource Pack

Players looking to add more realism in Minecraft may consider using mods or plugins, but resource packs are viable options too. These introduce brand-new textures to the game, occasionally including 3D models for mobs, items, and blocks. If this sparked...
Excalibur Resource Pack for Minecraft – Blog

Excalibur Resource Pack for Minecraft

After playing through Minecraft with friends on a dedicated server, some of them may want to spice up the gameplay. An extremely popular way to do this is to use resource packs, introducing a wide variety of new textures and designs to the world. These...
Minecraft Dark Mode Setup – Blog

Minecraft Dark Mode Setup

Playing Minecraft late at night with friends can lead to some funny moments, but screen brightness might irritate the eyes. This can be problematic for those not wanting to be strained while enjoying themselves, especially if they are more sensitive to...