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Minecraft, the game of infinite possibilities. With so many expansions, mods, plugins, and other customizations that truly change the gameplay experience, it’s easy to forget what Minecraft originated from. Building. Since the beginning of the game, has that not been the biggest goal? Build the coolest and best structures, crafting your own architectural skills and using them to the best of your abilities. Creating maps is not always the easiest and most enjoyable task though. A decent build can take hundreds if not thousands of hours, and that is not time many Minecraft Server owners have. Luckily, among the Minecraft community is thousands of premade maps built by build-teams, individuals, friends, and more. Our team at Apex has created a variety of awesome and diverse maps. This knowledgebase category will be covering all of the features these maps have and how you can get your hands on the map yourself.

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ApexMc Official Public Server

Come visit the Apex Offices, Datacenter, and public game hub at play.apexmc.co on 1.8.x to 1.17.x Climb to the top of the mountain where you can find the entrance for the official virtual representation of the Apex Hosting office space which was built...