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When running a Minecraft server, there are many times that you will need to access your server files or the server console in order to make changes. If you are hosting with Apex you will have full access to our game panel, a customized version of Multicraft. Through this panel, you are able to access and manage all of the server features as you see fit. The panel can be used for simple tasks such as starting/stopping your server. It also includes FTP access which will allow you to edit the server files directly. This includes installing plugins, mods, configuring files, uploading worlds, etc. However, if you want to make simple changes to the server config files, you can do this from the panel as well without connecting to the FTP. With so many different features and endless possibilities for your server, you may be struggling to learn how to properly utilize the game panel to do things such as adding plugins with our FTP or using our one-click modpack installer. To help with this struggle, we have a knowledgebase full of useful tutorials that will give you step by step guides on how you can manage your Minecraft server.

A Guide to Minecraft Server Advertising – Blog

A Guide to Minecraft Server Advertising

We all know that playing on a Minecraft Server with no players online can get pretty boring. Most server owners dream of having the biggest and best Minecraft server, but it’s easier said than done to create a server that will be able to attract players. T...
AcceptTheRules Minecraft Plugin – Blog

AcceptTheRules Minecraft Plugin

Whether you’re making a Factions or SkyBlock Minecraft server, rules are an important aspect to ensure safety and fairness. Most owners don’t want exploiters or cheaters to ruin the fun for everyone else. Some may list the rules on signs or in holographic tex...
Add Scheduled Tasks To Your Minecraft Server – Blog

Add Scheduled Tasks To Your Minecraft Server

Our control panel at Apex makes it easy to automate commands for your servers using scheduled tasks. Scheduling tasks allow you to automate a great number of server management actions like backing up, restarting, or broadcasting messages by utilizing...
Agrarian Skies Server – Blog

Agrarian Skies Server

Number of mods: approximately 53 mods This modpack is fit for small to large server population. Feed the beast Agrarian Skies: Hardcore Quest is a third-party modpack developed by Jadedcat and hosted on the FTB Platform. Agrarian Skies is a mod pack where...
Alex's Caves Mod for Minecraft – Blog

Alex's Caves Mod for Minecraft

As you explore the landscape of a Minecraft world, occasional caverns may appear on the horizon. These lead players on a wild underground adventure full of surprises, depending on the biome. In Vanilla Minecraft, all the cave systems and their features...
All the Mods Gravitas 2 Server Hosting – Blog

All the Mods Gravitas 2 Server Hosting

One of the greatest ways to revamp your Minecraft server is to install modpacks – large collections of mods that overhaul the gameplay. For example, new items, blocks, biomes, dimensions, mobs, and so much more become available to try out! These packs m...
AngelChest Minecraft Plugin – Blog

AngelChest Minecraft Plugin

As you play through vanilla Minecraft, you are constantly having to avoid danger to stay alive. While survival mode does not have a harsh death penalty like in hardcore, having your dropped items despawn can be discouraging for anyone who experiences...
Another Furniture Minecraft Mod – Blog

Another Furniture Minecraft Mod

Building in Vanilla Minecraft can be difficult sometimes, especially if you’re trying to add lots of details inside your base or home. This can lead players to look for alternatives, which can be done through using modifications. Whether you prefer F...
ApexMc Official Public Server – Blog

ApexMc Official Public Server

Come visit the Apex Offices, Datacenter, and public game hub at play.apexmc.co on 1.8.x to 1.17.x Climb to the top of the mountain where you can find the entrance for the official virtual representation of the Apex Hosting office space which was built...
Apotheosis Minecraft Mod – Blog

Apotheosis Minecraft Mod

While adventuring in your Vanilla Minecraft server, the world and its materials can become too predictable. This can lead some players to desire changes that’ll enhance the gameplay for them. These can include better enchantments, secret dungeons, or n...
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