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Category - General

Knowledgebase / General

We have created a knowledgebase that includes general tutorials for all different aspects of game server hosting. This category has an enormous variety of guides that should be able to assist you in creating your dream server in any game we offer as well as navigate billing and other non mc specific details.

Apex Affiliate Accounts – Blog

Apex Affiliate Accounts

Affiliate programs are an excellent method to make money online. The most profitable industry is traffic and if you learn how to build and target it you can sell other peoples products and make a killing off nothing more than a website and some creative...
Billing Account Overview – Blog

Billing Account Overview

The heart of all your services’ billing information can be found on your Apex Hosting billing panel. Whether you need to upgrade/downgrade, pay an overdue invoice, or request ticket support, you can do this all from your billing panel. Today we are g...
How to Change your Minecraft Skin – Blog

How to Change your Minecraft Skin

  Minecraft is all about individuality, providing each player the chance to demonstrate their skills in a variety of fields. Whether it is exterior building, redstone, interior decorating, or command blocks, there is a uniqueness to each player....
How to Find Minecraft Mods – Blog

How to Find Minecraft Mods

Finding Minecraft mods can be overwhelming since there are multiple ways to locate them. For example, using popular platforms or your search engine are good mod research methods, but can be challenging to get the exact mod you desire. Additionally, harmful...
How to Install CurseForge Modpacks – Blog

How to Install CurseForge Modpacks

  Installing modpacks is one of the most interesting parts of Minecraft. While vanilla Minecraft can get repetitive after some time, modpacks can change every aspect of the game, adding completely new items and features. In the past, it was very...
How to Log In With Your Social Media – Blog

How to Log In With Your Social Media

With Apex, you can log into your billing area easily with one click! One of our newest functions is the ability to link your social media accounts to the website. The platforms we currently have active are Google, Facebook, and Twitter. You can link your...
How to Quickly Find Steam ID Numbers – Blog

How to Quickly Find Steam ID Numbers

Hosting game servers can sometimes involve configuration and command setups, used to add or customize features. However, for specific Steam games, setting up the server may require your profile’s ID. For example, making yourself admin in Rust needs t...
How to Setup the Steam Game Server Token – Blog

How to Setup the Steam Game Server Token

Server owners that want to play Steam games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will need to take additional steps to ensure the server functions as intended. One of the most important steps to ensure normal gameplay is to configure the Steam Game...
How to Transfer your Server Location – Blog

How to Transfer your Server Location

As you play on a game server, the network connection that is experienced may not be desirable for all players. Whether the server owner wishes to improve the ping for themselves or for other people, transferring the server location can improve these circumstances....
Minecraft Gamerules – Blog

Minecraft Gamerules

In Minecraft, there are many features that occur in the background. Some of these features, named game rules, can be toggled or changed. This can create eternal day, remove any item drops, and many many more. Whether they are used to add increased difficulty...
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