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Inventory HUD+ Mod

Last modified on Aug 28, 2023 in Mods

mc head By Nathan Young


Playing on your Minecraft world involves resource management and organization, as collecting items takes up inventory slots. This can quickly become overwhelming for some players, especially if they are in mid-combat against enemies. Luckily, if you use Forge or Fabric mods, then trying out Inventory HUD+ will solve these problems. It displays extra information on your screen, such as armor durability and potion effects. This is highly customizable, useful, and straightforward to use, making it a must-have modification. Keeping this in mind, let’s learn how to install the Inventory HUD+ mod on your Minecraft launcher in this Apex Hosting tutorial.


This mod is entirely client-sided, meaning it doesn’t have to be installed on the server.

    1. Before anything, make sure to use the correct Forge or Fabric version on your Minecraft launcher.
    2. Next, head towards Inventory HUD+ on CurseForge and enter in the Files section.
    3. Continue to find the mod type and game version you want, then press the Download button.
      Inventory HUD+ Download
    4. Save this file somewhere easily accessible on your computer.
    5. When this is completed, open the launcher and navigate to your Installations area.
      Minecraft Installations
    6. Lookup your modded installation and hover over it, then press the Folder icon.
      Minecraft Modded Profile
    7. Once the directory opens, locate or create the mods folder.
    8. While inside of this new area, drag and drop the mod’s .jar file.
      Install Minecraft Mods
    9. Afterward, return to your client and click Play on the modded profile.


Getting Started

HUD showcase

Upon entering a world, whether it’s a server or singleplayer, you’ll notice new icons in both corners. These display your amount of arrows, free inventory slots, hand items, and armor. Additionally, if you have potion effects it’ll appear in the top left with the remaining time. An optional function is to display the entire inventory, which can help build or manage resources. Using these features can help you become organized and possibly prevent items from breaking, as it displays their durability percentage. Although, if the HUD’s format isn’t to your liking, then customizing that in-game is possible. The mod gives you complete control over this and offers extra settings to try out. Besides that, there aren’t other features or configurations to explore.

HUD Settings

Inventory HUD+ Settings

In order to open the HUD settings, you’ll need to press O on your keyboard. This will return the main options for you to edit, such as vertical or mini mode for the displayed inventory. If you need additional information about them, hover over each one to reveal a description. This area is where you also can disable the mod entirely by toggling the first setting. That goes for all other HUD features in the mod menu, meaning you have full control.


Armor Options

Next on the menu are armor options, which controls the type of information displayed. This is also where you may switch between durability measurements, tailoring them to your needs. Furthermore, you can customize its scaling system and see if it shows empty slots or not. Using these features allow for more control, just as the previous settings.

Inventory HUD+ Armor Settings


Potion Options

Inventory HUD+ Potion Settings

Players who fight enemies often would appreciate these next options, as they control the potion HUD. It’s very similar to the rest of the settings, as there is a mini and horizontal mode to use. There isn’t much else to this menu since it only displays status effects on your screen.


HUD Placement

Inventory HUD+ Placement

For the most useful feature from the Inventory HUD+ mod, it’s the placement GUI. This allows you to completely move around all aspects of the settings, such as the potions and inventory slots. Using this comes in handy when you’re wanting to disable or better organize your screen. If you’re wanting to disable them, then click the icon at the top right corner for each box. Otherwise, continue to customize your HUD with this placement system to get the best setup.


Whether you’re wanting to use Inventory HUD+ for combat or to explore the wonders of your world, this helps you manage items and provides extra player information. A good example is when your armor’s durability depletes while fighting the Ender Dragon, as this mod will inform you when it’ll actually break. Using this can also be used on almost any modpack since this is a client-only Forge and Fabric mod. Additionally, there are several game versions available, making it even more available to use. Due to this and its many helpful features, it’s certainly worth trying out. We hope this tutorial helped you understand the modification and how to use it on your Minecraft client.

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