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How to Use Project Zomboid Commands on Your Server

Last modified on Mar 22, 2022 in zomboid

mc head By Dalton Whalen

Project Zomboid server commands


When playing on a Project Zomboid server, using the admin account can provide access to numerous powers and changes from the in-game admin menu. However, if you wish to have in-depth abilities to change the server even further, you will want to use the Project Zomboid admin commands. Whether you wish to spawn in items, moderate players, or even just to prank your friends, this is all possible with the in-game server commands. Knowing and understanding the server commands can be confusing for unfamiliar players, so we have created this Apex Hosting guide to ease you through the information that you will need to know.

How to Enter Admin Commands

Before proceeding, ensure you have followed the steps to set your player as an admin. Once you are logged into the admin account, all commands will be available for use.

  1. Launch the Project Zomboid game.
  2. Log into your server using the Admin account.
  3. Once in-game, press T or Enter until the chat bar is open.
    project zomboid chatbar
  4. Type /, followed by your desired command and details.
  5. Press Enter to submit the command and allow it to take effect.


Project Zomboid Server Commands


Project Zomboid Cheat Commands

additem [Username] [Item] [Amount] - Give an item to a specific player.
addvehicle [Vehicle] [Username/coordinates] - Spawn a vehicle.
addxp [Username] [Perkname]=[Level] - Give experience points to a player.
godmode [Username] - Set a player to become invincible.
invisible [Username] - Makes a player invisible to zombies.
noclip [Username] - Allows a player to pass through walls and structures.
startrain - Causes rain to begin.
stoprain - Stop any existing rain.
teleport [Player1] [Player2] - Teleport a player to another player.
teleportto [x,y,z] - Teleport to specific coordinates in the map.


Server Adjustment Commands

changeoption [OptionName] [Value] - Changes a server option.
reloadlua [Filename] - Reloads a Lua script.
save - Saves the current world.
sendpulse - Send server performance information to the user.
servermsg [Message] - Broadcast a message to all online players.
setaccesslevel [Username] [Access Level] - Give a player access like admin.
showoptions - Display current server settings and values.


Project Zomboid Moderation Commands

addalltowhitelist - Add all current users to the whitelist to project their account.
adduser [Username] [Password] - Create a new user to a whitelisted server.
addusertowhitelist - Add an existing user to the whitelist to project their account.
banid [SteamID64] - Ban a user’s Steam ID from the server.
banuser [Username] -ip - r [Reason] - Ban a user and optionally their IP with a reason.
changepwd [OldPassword] [NewPassword] - Change your account password.
grantadmin [Username] - Give a user admin privileges.
removeadmin [Username] - Remove a user’s admin privileges.
kickuser [Username] -r [Reason] - Kick a user with a reason.
players - List all current players.
removeuserfromwhitelist [Username] - Remove a user from the whitelist.
unbanid [SteamID64] - Unban a Steam ID from the server.
unbanuser [Username] - Unban a user from the server.
voiceban [Username] - Toggles if a user cannot use voice.


Miscellaneous Commands

alarm - Sound a building’s alarm at the user’s position.
chopper [Username] - Summons a helicopter event on a player.
createhorde [Amount] [Username] - Summon a horde of zombies at a player.
gunshot - Summon gunshot sounds at a player.
help - List all commands.
quit - Save and shutdown the server.
releasesafehouse - Release a safehouse that you own.
replay [Playername] [-record/-play/-stop] [Filename] - Record or play reply for a moving player.


Common Issues

No commands are working:
When this occurs, it often means that you may not have admin access properly. First, ensure that you have followed the steps to log into the admin account. You can confirm this works by checking for the “Admin” logo above your character’s head. Once this is done, you can attempt to enter the commands once again using a “/” in the chat.

Some commands are not working:
If only some commands are not working, check to ensure they are spelled and entered properly. If issues still occur, check the chat log for more information on why it may have failed. Commands that require more information to be entered, given incorrect values, or need a specific location should display feedback in the chat log.

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