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How to Tame a Parrot in Minecraft

Posted: Oct 24, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Minecraft is one of those games with tons of creatures, whether it’s hostile or friendly to the player. Although, one mob stands out from the rest and is mainly used for fun activities. This is the parrot, a particularly colorful critter that has a unique behavior compared to others. Not every player in the game will encounter these, as they are hard to come by or even catch. Although, it’s completely worth it due to the awesome things you can do with parrots. When tamed, you can throw a disco party with them or have one perched on your shoulder, as if you’re a pirate. This, among other features, brings new and entertaining mechanics to your Minecraft experience. Knowing this, let’s dive right into finding, taming, and using parrots in your world.

Finding Parrots

Minecraft Parrots

The location of parrots in Minecraft only appears in jungle biomes and has a rare spawn chance. Typically, these colorful critters appear in groups of one to two. However, their spawn rate is only 0.2% in the wild at Y-level 70, meaning you’ll need to explore almost the entire biome or multiple ones to find them. The odds aren’t stacked in your favor at all, so spawning them in creative mode might be best. Although, it’s important to note that parrots only appear on logs, leaves, and grass blocks. Using this information, along with the other stuff, your chances should increase since you understand where to search. However, I wouldn’t bet money on you or even myself finding them in the wild, unless we’re lucky. Once found, these are passive mobs and fly around a lot. This might make it more difficult to keep parrots around for when you’re ready to tame them. Either way, good luck hunting these cute little birds in your Minecraft world.

Taming a Parrot

Minecraft Taming Parrots
Minecraft Breeding Parrots

As for taming parrots, the process is different compared to other mobs. This is due to them not having a baby form, meaning a farm isn’t ideal. Regardless of that, there are many items you can use to successfully own these parrots. You can use wheat, melon, pumpkin, or beetroot seeds to feed them, but only has a 0.1% chance of working each time. A good tip is to have a farm for these materials, so you can create a parrot army to attack your enemies. Alright, maybe that isn’t possible, but you get the point. Just make sure to have enough seeds to collect as many as you possibly can, due to the parrot’s spawn and tame rarity. When one is finally tamed, it acts like other similar pets. However, there are a few unique features that only parrots can do in Minecraft.

Using Parrots

Minecraft Perched Parrot
Minecraft Parrot Dance

A tamed parrot allows you to get creative, as you can have one on your character’s shoulder. This can be great for pirate roleplay worlds and servers alike, or just a fun feature for your gameplay. Players can even have two of them on each shoulder! Become the parrot master by right-clicking or having them randomly perch on you. An interesting mechanic is that these mobs won’t take damage while on your character, but can when dismounting it. Additionally, parrots can mimic nearby hostile or passive creatures in higher pitched noises. This can be a type of alarm, especially those darn creeper hisses that scare you to death. Besides that, if you’re wanting to relax in your base, then make sure to play a music disc in a jukebox. Doing this will initiate a parrot dance party, even while on your shoulder. Another fun feature to try out is getting a lead and having tons of them attached to you, which makes flying around funny with all your parrots trying to keep up.


Minecraft parrots are unique and playful creatures that offer creative ways to enjoy your world with other players. Whether you roleplay or have an underground dance club with them, taming these critters is something you should definitely try out. Besides this, players may just want to obtain all the possible pets in the game, adding to their collection. Just make sure you have enough seeds and gear to search for parrots in those large jungle biomes. You wouldn’t want to fail at taming when you do find them, as they are rare and difficult to master. Whenever you do successfully tame one or multiple, make sure to remember you have them since they tend to fly all over the place. This can easily make you lose them, especially if they happen to get stuck in a particular spot in your base. With all that being said, have a wonderful adventure finding and taming these small parrots in your Minecraft world.

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