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How to tame a Fox in Minecraft

Posted: Jul 23, 2021 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


Foxes are a relatively new mob in Minecraft that spawn in all Taiga biomes. They are absolutely adorable, but like cats
or ocelots, they will run away from you when you get close. Wouldn’t it be just awesome if you could have a pet fox like
you can with a dog? Well, although the title of this blog is a little clickbaity, today we’re going to go over how to do
exactly that. Let’s begin.

Things you need

First, you’re going to need to acquire some materials. These are what you need:

  • 64 Sweet Berries
  • 64 Cobblestone
  • Lead
  • Nametag

What to do

  1. Next, you have to find at least two foxes near each other. To find foxes, just look around Taiga biomes. After
    you’ve found them, sneak-walk to get close to them. If they’re sleeping, you shouldn’t wake them. Don’t they
    just look adorable when they’re asleep?
    sleeping fox
  2. Once you’ve gotten close enough, trap them by building a 2-block tall wall around them. You need to successfully
    capture both foxes. Remember to be sneaking the entire time you are doing this, or they will wake up and run
    away. I’m exempt, due to my omniscience in creative mode.
    captured foxes
  3. Once they are both contained, lead them to a single place by connecting their makeshift cages together and then
    walking near one of them. They will run away in the only direction they can. Block off the place they came from
    as quickly as possible to ensure they keep moving in one direction.
  4. Now that you’ve gotten both the foxes in a small containment, breed them by feeding them both Sweet Berries.
    Press the use button on each of them while holding the Sweet Berries in your hand to do this. They will then
    mate, creating one of the most adorable things ever, a baby fox.
    breeding foxes
  5. The Baby Fox, unlike its parents, is not afraid of you and will not run away from you. However, tamed foxes are
    not dogs. You cannot put a collar on them, they won’t follow you, and they definitely won’t teleport next to you
    once they’re a certain distance away. They just aren’t morbidly terrified of your existence, which in turn makes
    it much easier to distinguish them from their parents! Open the cage and watch their parents run away, allowing
    you to properly name the tamed one with the Name Tag. You can then also use the Lead to bring them where you
    want them to be. Check out the new addition to the team!


That’s everything! Taming a fox isn’t really that complex, just a little tedious. Sadly, tamed foxes don’t
really have a lot of functionality beyond just not being deathly afraid of you, but what can you do? They’re
still absolutely adorable, and they have a very unique texture. They can also be used as a glorified item
holder with their mouth, so that’s neat. In any case, I hope you learned something new, and with that said,
I’m out!

Apex fox

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