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How to Set a Server Password on a Factorio Server

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mc head By Dalton Whalen

Factorio Set Server Password


When playing Factorio, teaming up with other players is both a vital and entertaining part of gameplay. Despite this, situations may occur where you wish to limit the players who can join the server. Whether you wish to play by yourself for a time or only allow designated players, this is all possible when using a server password. Once this is set, only the players who have the password will be capable of joining the server, allowing you to limit who can or cannot join at any given time. With Apex Hosting, changing this setting is as easy as typing into a text field, so today we will show you how to set a password on Factorio and the steps necessary to get started.

Setting a Password

When selecting a password, we advise selecting one that cannot be easily guessed. For example, avoid using any word from your server’s public name in the password, as that can be easily guessed.

  1. Navigate to the Apex Server Panel, then stop the server.
  2. In the left-hand menu, enter the Customizations menu.
    Factorio Password Customizations
  3. Locate the Server Password text field.
    Factorio Password Field
  4. Enter the desired server password into the text field.
  5. Once complete, return to the main panel page, then restart the server.

The server will now load up and require your set password in order for any player to join.

Using the Password In-Game

Now that the server password is loaded up, you can try to join the server to test out your newly set password.

  1. Launch Factorio until you are on the main menu.
  2. Enter the Multiplayer tab, then choose your preferred connection method.
  3. Locate the server or enter the IP address to initiate a server connection.
  4. A prompt will appear requesting the server password in order to join.
    Factorio Password Joining
  5. Enter your previous server password, then connect to join the server.

Your server will require this password before any player can join. This will be beneficial to ensure only the desired players join, whether the server is public or IP-only. Additionally, the password can be changed at any time, allowing for further security.


With that, you now know how to set a server password and how to join while one is present. Having this password will be beneficial to ensure only the players that the owner approves can join. Additionally, the password can be changed at any time, allowing for improved security and customization as to who can join. If you wish to make the server completely private for a short time, you can simply change the password to a new one, then switch it back for the original players to join. Using this newfound knowledge, work with friends or by yourself using your Factorio server password to construct the largest factories and begin your resource acquisition.

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