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How To Read And Understand Crash Reports

Posted: Jan 19, 2020 in Company News

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How To Read And Understand Crash Reports


Remember be excited to start up that fresh Minecraft server and you have an awesome new modpack? You get it all setup and ready to start playing than suddenly your server crashes! You now aren’t sure what to do and how to fix it so you hit up our awesome support team to help you! Well, we have some tricks of the trade to teach you how to read crash reports to be able to find that pesky issue crashing your server! Let’s look at some common things that can crash your server.


Common Crashes

  • Not enough ram
  • Ticking entites
  • Corrupted chunks
  • Mismatched Mod IDs
  • Incorrect mod versions
  • Missing mods
  • Missing libraries
  • Missing dependencies
  • Outdated plugins
  • And so much more!


But don’t worry we got you covered!


That’s a whole lot of issues and a lot of these things you might not have ever heard of before. But don’t worry we have an amazing new tutorial that covers the basics. You can check out that tutorial here. This is the first step to many more guides that will go in depth to cover all these issues so that you can become a Minecraft server master! Be on the look out for many more guides like this one to come soon!


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