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How to install Sourcemod and Metamod for CS:GO

Last modified on Aug 12, 2022 in csgo

mc head By Dalton Whalen


When playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive, you may feel the need to install plugins to your server, as these can create significant gameplay and aesthetic improvements. In order for these plugins to work, Sourcemod and Metamod are required to run these modifications to your CS:GO server. Attempting to install Sourcemod and Metamod can be confusing, but with Apex Hosting, the installation process is streamlined and efficient.

Downloading the Files

  1. Proceed to the Sourcemod and Metamod download pages.
  2. Choose the latest build available for linux.
    CSGO Modload Download
  3. Create a folder for the two files, then unzip them until you get two folders.
    CSGO Modload Files
  4. Open the “addons” folder, then delete the metamod.vdf file.
    CSGO Modload Delete This


If you experience plugin problems on the latest version of Sourcemod, then try using the 1.7 Build 5280 instead. This will likely resolve any potential issues, but you may also review other 1.7 versions here.


Preparing the New File

  1. Navigate to the VDF Generator page.
  2. In the game dropdown, select Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
    CSGO Modload New One
  3. Press Generate metamod.vdf, then save the file.
  4. Replace the file inside of the addons folder.
  5. Return the original unzip location with the addons and cfg folder
  6. Highlight the two folders, then add them to a .zip file.
    CSGO Modload Zip


Uploading to the Server

  1. Navigate to your Apex Server Panel, then stop the server.
  2. Proceed to the FTP File Access, then log in.
  3. Enter the csgo folder, then press upload in the top-left.
    CSGO Modload FTP
  4. Drag + drop your created .zip file into the right-hand side, then wait until it is at 100%.
  5. Once complete, return to the csgo folder, select the .zip, then press unzip at the top.
    CSGO Modload Extract
  6. After this, return to the main server page, then start the server.


Common Issues:

The downloaded files don’t work:
Most times, this may be caused by downloading the incorrect version. Ensure you are downloading the Linux version of Sourcemod and Metamod, even if you are running a different Operating System. In addition, make sure you are unzipping both of the files completely into the same folder.

I downloaded it correctly, but it won’t work after uploading:
Ensure that you have gone through and changed the metamod.vdf file. This file is needed to tell the modloaders which game you are running. If the wrong game was selected or was not changed, this may not work. Try redownloading the metamod.vdf file for CS:GO,

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