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How to Find Minecraft Seed on Server Without OP

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mc head By Nathan Young

Find Minecraft Server World Seed Without OP


As you explore and survive in Minecraft servers, you may want to find the world’s seed. This can be used to create an identical version of it but also provides you with valuable information about generation. Unfortunately, you and others alike cannot find seeds without being a server operator. There’s luckily a workaround for you to still do this without OP permissions. Whether you want to use the Minecraft server seed to locate nearby villages, mansions, or specific biomes, you have plenty of possibilities. Regardless of your reasoning, understanding the potential risks involved plays an important role during the process. With this in mind, we’ll show you how to find the world seed on a Minecraft server without OP in this Apex Hosting guide.

Locating Seeds

How to Find Seeds on Minecraft Servers

There are a couple of ways to find seeds on Minecraft servers, with one of them being extremely popular ever since 2015. Essentially, both of these require using mods on your launcher. Due to this, it’s encouraged that you install Forge before anything else. However, this can be replaced with Fabric instead depending on your selected mod. Once you’ve received the Minecraft seed, begin to use it accordingly. For example, players can use this Seed Viewer to learn where all structures and biomes are located in-game. Similar services are available online too, meaning you have lots of options to achieve this goal. Alternatively, using the seed to create your own version of the world is possible in singleplayer and multiplayer. Besides this, when you’re ready to learn about these two methods, review the subsections below to get started.

World Downloader

By far the most trusted and popular method to find seeds on Minecraft servers is using World Downloader. This is for Forge, varying across game versions like 1.9 to 1.16. This works by adding a client-sided option in your menu, providing the ability to download the world. It’s important to note that players must load their desired chunks from the map for this to function properly. In other words, run around the in-game areas you want to download.

Minecraft Server Download World Mod
Minecraft Download World

Upon completion, you’ll see several chat messages in Minecraft. These can be ignored for the most part, but the last one is what you’ll need to read. This signifies that the download finished, but may say otherwise.

In cases where this was successful, the world would be stored in your local “backups” folder from the game files. If there’s an issue with the mod, then this message will appear differently. When you have the world files on your computer, transfer them into your “saves” directory. Although, players might have to unzip it for the map to work properly in Minecraft.

Seed Crackers

Rather than downloading the world from a Minecraft server, you can install a seed cracker mod to achieve similar results that allows you to directly see the details in-game.

Minecraft Seed Cracker Mod

There are several types of them available online, but we recommend SeedcrackerX for Fabric 1.16.5 to 1.20.1. This particular mod requires you to store the data of specific structures, meaning you’ll just have to walk over it in-game. There must be 5 or 6 structures to accomplish this task, ranging from igloos to desert temples. Afterward, it’ll begin searching for the exact Minecraft seed to send in your game chat.

Possible Risks

There are a few risks involved during this process of finding seeds from Minecraft servers. Remember, the methods include installing external modifications that aren’t associated with CurseForge or other similar services. Fortunately, the World Downloader has been proven to be reliable and safe for many years. This doesn’t however take away from the risky nature of its capabilities. This is amplified with any seed cracking mod too, as our suggested one technically includes a configurable xray feature. Due to this, review the information below to protect your computer and account from issues.

  • Server owners may ban you after the world was downloaded or its seed was found.
  • Using mods outside of our suggested ones may be unsafe to use on your computer.
  • Other seed cracker features might get your account banned from the server.
  • Any of these mods may be caught by the server’s anticheat or another system.



Without having OP permissions, you’re unable to use the classic /seed command in Minecraft. This can be frustrating for some, but there are other methods to consider to find the server’s seed. Whether you download the world or use a cracking mod, these are sufficient ways to achieve this goal. Keep in mind that there are a few risks involved with the process, such as being banned from the server due to the seed being leaked. Besides this, you can begin using it to locate any structure or biome in the map. This helps to raid specific buildings like mansions for rare items, along with other activities. We wish you the best of luck, gamers.

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