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How to Enable Teleport in Minecraft Server

Last modified on Dec 18, 2023 in General

mc head By Nathan Young


As you play on a Minecraft server, there may come a time where you need to instantly teleport to another location. Whether you want to see a friend’s building or get out of a sticky situation, this feature comes in handy for countless activities. However, enabling it isn’t common knowledge for those hosting their own dedicated servers. The vast majority of public ones to play on include this by default, but involves some level of configuration to implement. Fortunately, the process to do this is extremely simple and doesn’t require much work. Although, there’s some other useful information to keep in mind when doing it. Due to this, we’ve created this Apex Hosting walkthrough to show you how to enable teleport in a Minecraft server.

Teleporting In-game

Minecraft Teleport

The average player in Minecraft will only teleport using portals, as this is a default mechanic. However, there’s another feature that’s innate to the game. Introducing the teleport command! This is an easy-to-use function that allows you to instantly transport your character somewhere else. Whether you want to teleport near your base or forcibly move another person to a location, you have the ability to do that. This process requires your account to have some level of permissions since it’s technically considered cheating. There are a few ways to accomplish this, depending on your desired server setup. Getting started to enable teleport in Minecraft involves reviewing the subsections below, as it’ll help you get permissions and reveal other useful details. For example, you can choose to use plugins rather than vanilla commands to do this in-game. Similarly, mods can also be used to achieve this goal in a wide variety of ways. Regardless of your Minecraft server setup, check out the information below when you’re ready.

Operator Permissions

In any Minecraft server, players looking to use teleportation must become an operator (OP). This gives your account admin privileges, such as cheats and other functions. Due to this, it’s only done through the server console for safety reasons. Review the instructions below to begin making your account operator. If you need more information about this, consider checking out our official OP Tutorial. For instance, there are specific levels to being an operator in Minecraft.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click Console at the top left corner.
    Minecraft Server Console
  2. Proceed to type and enter the op [player] command in the text box.
    Minecraft OP Command
  3. If successful, you’ll see the “Made [player] a server operator” return message.


How to Teleport

Teleportation in Minecraft is really easy for anyone to try out, as the command needed for it is simple. All you need to do is use the /tp or /teleport functionality in chat. This provides you with multiple options to transport throughout the world. However, it should be noted that these commands can change depending on if plugins or mods are managing this feature. Regardless of this, these are universal across any server unless blocked by the owner.

Minecraft Teleport Command

As mentioned above, there are several different options available for these teleport commands. We want to clear up any confusion, so we’ve compiled a list of examples down below for your convenience. Remember that these commands are only available with OP permissions.

/tp [x] [y] [z]Teleports you to the selected X, Y, Z coordinates.
/tp [x] ~ [z]Teleports you to the selected X Z coordinates, while keeping your exact Y position.
/tp [player1] [player2]Teleports one player to another at their exact location.
/tp [player] [x] [y] [z]Teleports a player to the specified X, Y, Z coordinates.


Teleportation Addons

Teleport Mods and Plugins for Minecraft

Instead of using vanilla commands to teleport in Minecraft, you can choose to use mods or plugins. These provide you with almost identical in-game functionality but may have different features. For example, the Waystones mod allows players to teleport through interactive blocks that store specific locations. As for plugins, EssentialsX grants you the possibility to send a teleportation request to certain members of the Minecraft server. There are countless others available to try out for yourself! These can also come with permission nodes to regulate what players or ranks can successfully teleport. In other words, you can enhance the experience for others with mods or plugins.


Teleporting in Minecraft provides players with amazing opportunities to enjoy the game. Whether you transport someone else to your location or vice versa, this comes in handy for many activities. All it takes is the right amount of permissions, which is true for any server. This applies to vanilla Minecraft, along with plugin-based and modded types. Remember that specific permission nodes may be required to get everything working properly, which we advise using LuckPerms to manage. Besides this, we hope this tutorial helped you learn more about enabling and teleporting in Minecraft.

Minecraft Teleport FAQ

Why am I unable to use any teleportation command?

Your Minecraft account in the server must have OP privileges before using teleport commands, which also applies to mods and plugins. We recommend using LuckPerms to better manage permissions if your setup needs that. Otherwise, stick with being an operator to use this functionality.

Are OP permissions required to teleport in Minecraft?

Yes, operator permissions are needed to use teleport commands in vanilla Minecraft. However, this changes if you’re using mods or plugins with a managing addon like LuckPerms. Keep this in mind when trying to use teleportation in-game.

Why are my teleport addons not working on the server?

Teleport mods or plugins may not work due to incompatible game versions or encountering unforeseen conflicts with other addons. Alternatively, it could mean your account doesn’t have the right set of permissions to use them.

Is teleporting in Minecraft considered cheating?

Yes, teleporting in Minecraft is considered cheating as it provides players with an advantage that others lack. However, most public servers give this ability to everyone since it’s incredibly useful.

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