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How to Add Admins to an Eco Server

Last modified on Aug 10, 2023 in Eco

mc head By Dalton Whalen

Eco Set Server Admins


Within the doomed world of Eco, survival with yourself or other players can define the entire game. When you play as a server owner, you may desire elevated privileges to achieve more than other players could. Luckily, admins can be added to an Eco dedicated server to provide access to many server commands. From spawning entities to moderating the server to even preventing the world’s destruction, this can all be achieved with the use of commands. Adding admins is simple with the Config Files editor, so we have created this Apex Hosting tutorial to guide you through the necessary instructions to get started.

Locating the SteamID64

  1. Visit the SteamID.io website.
  2. In the Input section, search for the desired Steam profile.
    Eco Admin Steam ID 1
  3. After performing the search, ensure the found user is correct.
  4. Locate the steamID64 section, with the ID string to the right.
    Eco Admin Steam ID 2
  5. Keep this ID string nearby, as it will be needed shortly.


Adjusting the Config File

  1. Visit the Apex Server Panel, then stop the server.
  2. In the left-hand menu, enter the Config Files section.
  3. Locate and enter the Users.eco configuration file.
    Eco Admin Config File
  4. Near the bottom of the document, locate the Admins area.
  5. Here, replace the entire line of "$values": [] with:
              "$values": [
    Eco Admin Pasting
  6. Replace SteamID64 with the ID string found earlier.
  7. Once completed, press the Save button at the top, but do not restart yet.


Adding Additional Admins

If you wish to add more than 1 admin, use a line break after “SteamID64” with a comma, then add additional ID strings as needed.

Eco Admin More Examples


          "$values": [


JSON Validation

Before starting the server, it is important to make sure the formatting is valid. If any issues are detected, the server will crash, so you can check the formatting ahead of time.

  1. Visit a JSON validator site like JSONLint.
  2. Copy and paste the contents of the Users.eco file into the text box.
    Eco Admin Validator 1
  3. Press Validate and wait for the results to appear.
  4. If the formatting is approved, the server can be restarted to play.
    Eco Admin Validator 2
  5. (Optional) If the formatting has an error, follow the error to find the issue.
  6. (Optional) Once the formatting has been fixed, save the Users.eco file and restart.


Using Chat Commands

Upon spawning into the server, you can simply use the “/” button to open the chat bar. From here, simply type in the command you wish to use, such as /noon. Finally, press the “Enter” key to execute the command. Whether the command is successful or fails, you will receive feedback within the chat box.

Eco Admin In-Game


Common Issues

The server is crashing on startup:
If the server is crashing on startup, it often means there is an error within the Users config file that was edited. You can confirm this by checking for JSON errors within the server console. To fix this, we recommend using a JSON validator website to locate any errors for you. If any quotations, commas, or spaces are incorrect, this error can appear. If you cannot find the error no matter what, delete the entire Users.eco file, then restart to generate a new one and try once more.

You don’t have permission:
When this error occurs, it primarily means that permissions have not been properly granted or the user is using unavailable developer commands. To confirm the issue, try to execute an admin command such as /noon. If you receive a permission error after this, the admin was not properly set through the configs. Return to the Users.eco file and check to ensure the earlier changes were properly saved. If everything appears correct, re-enter the SteamID64 string, as a single incorrect number can prevent it from working. After this is done, ensure the file is saved and restart once more.

Helpful Links

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