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Minecraft Server Error: Failed To Bind To Port

Last modified on Jun 29, 2020 in server errors

mc head By Apex


The failed to bind to Port Minecraft server error occurs when a server attempts to use a service port (i.e 25565) that is already in use by another server. Since the majority of Minecraft hosting is Shared Hosting with shared IPs, the only way to make each server accessible is by giving it a unique port.

The Problem

Failed to bind to Port: xxxxx

The Solution

Set the server to use a port that is open and not used by any other service. To do this you will need to contact a Support Representative and state your server is encountering a FBP (Failed to Bind to Port) error and they will resolve it.

To Conclude

Since multiple Minecraft servers can be hosted using the same IP, they need to be assigned a unique service port to distinguish them between the other servers being hosted. As such, Minecraft servers that utilize Shared Hosting are typically assigned a unique service port above the default server port (25565) and increase incrementally by one for each server (25566, 25567, etc).