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EssentialsX Spawn Minecraft Plugin

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mc head By Dalton Whalen

EssentialsX Spawn Plugin


In the world of Minecraft servers, a decent spawn point is vital for players looking to get started. Whether this is a resource-rich biome in vanilla or a hub for servers, the spawn is where the first impression is made. While the base game has commands relating to a spawn point, there are many options that are missing. This is solved with EssentialsX Spawn, an addon plugin that revamps the spawn and respawn mechanics for your server. From a customized first-join message to a variety of configurations, EssentialsX Spawn has you covered. Installing plugins is easy with our Apex Hosting panel uploader, so we have created this guide to help you get started.


EssentialsX Spawn is an addon for the base EssentialsX that adds access to commands and configurations relating to the spawn point on the server. The plugin allows you to adjust the welcome message as well as a variety of factors relating to respawning. The plugin is compatible across many versions, so in most cases one download will fit all.

Plugin Download

  1. Visit the EssentialsX download page.
  2. Locate EssentialsX Spawn, then press the download button.
    EssentialsX Spawn Download Addon
  3. Save the .jar file to a safe location for later.
  4. Download the core EssentialsX file as well.
    EssentialsX Spawn Download Core

With the required files downloaded, you are ready to install the plugin to your Minecraft server!

Server Installation

  1. Navigate to your Apex Server Panel, then stop the server.
  2. Scroll down to the Game File dropdown menu.
    EssentialsX Spawn Version
  3. Ensure the version is plugin-compatible, such as PaperMC or Spigot.
  4. In the left-hand menu, enter the FTP File Access and log in.
  5. Locate or create the plugins folder, then enter it.
    EssentialsX Spawn Plugins Folder
  6. Press Upload in the top-left, then drag + drop the plugin .jar files.
  7. Once at 100%, return to the main panel page and restart the server.
    EssentialsX Spawn Upload


Getting Started

The in-game usage for EssentialsX Spawn is extremely simple, with only 2 main commands to use.

Setting Spawn

EssentialsX Spawn Set Spawn

To set a spawn point for the server, make use of the /setspawn command. This will mark your current placement and direction for the server’s spawn point. Since the direction is included, you may want to position your character to point towards a welcome sign or more.

EssentialsX Spawn Return

To return to spawn at any time, you can use the /spawn command. This will return you to the exact spot that the command was used. Alternatively, you can use /spawn [Player] to send a specific person back to spawn.

Configuration Options

While the command usage may seem miniscule, there are also a variety of configurations that can be changed for your server as well. Many of these relate to respawn mechanics and whether you want players to always end up at spawn or their own beds.

  1. In the left-hand menu, log into the FTP File Access.
  2. Enter the Plugins folder, then the Essentials folder.
    EssentialsX Spawn FTP Navigation
  3. Locate the config.yml file, then press Edit to the far-right.
  4. Scroll down to the EssentialsX Spawn + New Players section.

There are many options that are available for customization:

EssentialsX Spawn Config File

announce-format: – The configurable message that displays in-game when a new user joins the server.
kit: – The defined kit of items and blocks to be sent to any new player.
respawn-at-home: – Controls if a person respawns at their set home.
respawn-at-home-bed: – Toggles if a player respawns at their bed instead of the home.
respawn-at-anchor: – Dictates if the user should spawn at their anchor instead of the set home.
spawn-on-join: – Whether a player is sent to the spawn point every time they join.


/setspawnessentials.setspawnAllows access to /setspawn.
/spawnessentials.spawnAllows access to /spawn.
/spawn [Player]essentials.spawn.othersTeleport others to spawn.
N/Aessentials.spawn-on-join.exemptExempt from teleporting on join.



With that, you now know how to install and use the EssentialsX Spawn addon. While the plugin does not achieve a ton on its own, it can be great for the standalone features or to use in conjunction with the core EssentialsX plugin. Having a spawn point for a hub area is great, allowing players to easily enter spawn to open crates, use shops, and much more. If you wish to change any of the settings later on, you can simply readjust the config file at any time. With this newfound knowledge of how to install and use EssentialsX Spawn, you are ready to create your perfect spawn point and jump into the action!

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