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Conan Exiles Thralls

Posted: Aug 22, 2022 in Conan Exiles

mc head By Nathan Young


Conan Exiles wouldn’t be as enjoyable if companions weren’t allowed, but they are! These are called thralls, which can help fight, build, protect, and entertain players. A thrall is an allied-NPC that is scattered throughout the exiled land and can be captured with the proper equipment. There are many functions and styles available for them, leading to customized thralls for your world. This is a wonderful aspect to Conan that almost everyone can get behind, especially fighters that slay monsters. There are many NPCs to discover and add to your exiled warrior army, or dancers if you’re throwing a party. We’ll discuss the different types of thralls, their locations, functions, and how to capture them.


Conan Exiles Thrall Stats

There are tons of possible thralls for you to choose from, which sometimes can be difficult to find the perfect one. Although, these NPCs do spawn frequently in key areas of the game, making it easier to obtain them. Each thrall has attributes and stats that can be leveled up through a variety of activities. Additionally, the different types range from an entertainer to a smelter. Due to all the differences between them, you truly have many options to try out and see what works for you. With all this said, let’s jump right into Conan Exiles thralls.


The locations heavily vary for thrall spawning due to the number of factions. A few examples include Accursed, Black Ring, Forgotten Tribe, and Serpentmen. These clans have camps and bases all around the exiled map, making it an adventure to explore the perfect thrall. The list is pretty much endless, so you might want to review them here. Also, there are many different races and unique thralls to find, which you can check out on Conan’s Race Wiki. On the other hand, you can simply spawn NPCs into your world by using the admin panel.


Conan Exiles Thralls

Now onto professions, the realm of functionality that thralls use for your gain. There are standalone jobs, such as fighters, archers, and dancers, but can be assigned to crafting stations to produce high-quality recipes. Of course, this depends on the type of NPC you find. We’ll go through a brief list of them down below, but you can find all professions here.

FighterA companion that can guard areas with melee attacks.Sometimes may be unarmed, but can have a random weapon.
ArcherA companion that attacks with a bow to guard areas.Uses a bow for their player.
EntertainerRemoves corruption, adds a health regeneration buff, and dances.Wields daggers and uses interesting clothing/armor.
AlchemistProvides orb recipes at an Alchemist’s Bench.Uses a stone mace on their person.
SmelterAllows for faster crafting time at furnaces or Artisan tables.Wears mitts on their character.



Whenever you locate a thrall, knock them out to claim it as your companion. However, you must have special tools to do this, which can be found here. A few of them include a Truncheon, Voidforge Mace, and Blunted Javelin. Make sure to not kill them, even if you’re the most powerful exiled player. You can attach blunted fittings to these weapons to speed up the knockout process. Additionally, you can bind them up to prevent health recovery just in-case if you need to wait on enslaving them.


Along with all the professions and races, there are a lot of features for thralls. These include tactics, engagements, and combat that players can entirely control. Yes, I know you want to fully take control over them but sadly there are limitations. For instance, you cannot be too specific with your requests as there is no functionality for it (yet). As for reviewing every management feature, head towards this wiki. Besides that, we’ll briefly go through important ones!

Conan Exiles Thrall Tactics

This is the simplest section of managing your thralls, as it only has three options: Stand and Defend, Prioritize Melee, and Prioritize Ranged. The first one allows the NPC to select a weapon based on the target’s range. The second option makes the thrall run towards the opponent with a melee weapon. The third choice allows them to back away and keep distance between the enemy. Using multiple thralls and tactics grants you the ability to form an army of specialized warriors to die for you. It sounds like you’re going to be one powerful exiled commander. These tactic options are easy to understand and found in the Behavior area, especially when their names are literal.



All other management features do combat-related stuff, so what’s this section? Well, this gives you the ability to manually control the immediate actions of an active thrall. For example, you can demand the NPC to attack the target or move them to an exact location while they are active. Combat features include Move, Return, Attack, and Stop. Similarly to the engagement options, combat ones are simple. The first setting makes you move thralls, while the second one returns them to you. Using the “Attack” mode will instantly make the NPC hostile towards a target. Finally, the “Stop” option does just that, stopping the thrall’s actions.


If you’re wanting to tailor a thrall to a specific situation, then engaging with them is required. No, I don’t mean to marry them! Engagement can allow the NPC to guard you instead of anything else or to attack all enemies with aggressive moves. Anyway, this comes with several key options to try out: Guard Me, Guard Area, Attack All Enemies, Attack/Chase Distance, and Attack Nothing. These are self explanatory settings, as “Guard Area” makes the thrall patrol an area. The others do exactly what they say, so there isn’t a requirement to review them one-by-one. You may find these in the Behavior section of the menu. Although, the distance options can be broken down into five different sections. This allows you to define the number of meters an NPC can engage in combat or chasing.

Conan Exiles Thrall Engagement



There are other management features, which are Emotes, Follow, and Break Bond. These are also obvious, as the “Follow” and “Break Bond” options allow you to control if thralls follow you or stop existing. However, the first feature controls if NPCs sit down, dance, or anything else regarding their in-game character. This is found in the Behaviors section of the menu, unlike the others. All these settings aren’t too important, but still noteworthy in your adventures.


Conan Exiles is an interesting and entertaining game, especially when you enslave companions by knocking them out. Thralls give players the opportunity to build a lively environment at their base or campsites, as there are many features to utilize. However, don’t forget to actually locate these NPCs since they are scattered throughout the map. If you find one and try to tame it, don’t kill them either…they’re fragile. Whether you have a guard, hunter, or dancer, in the world of Conan you can use thralls to do various tasks. Start exploring the game to find the perfect companion to help you during adventures!

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