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Best XP Farm in Minecraft

Posted: Jan 9, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


Throughout the world of Minecraft, you’ll acquire tons of experience points by doing pretty much everything. Smelting ores, cooking food, mining, farming, and most importantly, killing monsters. Unfortunately, acquiring XP in a timely manner can be quite time-consuming, especially as your enchanting demands grow as you enter the endgame. Because of this, today we’re going to go over how to make the best, simplest XP Farm that will help you generate a consistent XP source. Let’s begin.

What You Will Need

To get started, you’re going to need a fair amount of blocks and items to build this farm. But you needn’t worry. Although it may take you a while to gather all of the resources, they’re all fairly cheap.

Minecraft xp farm
  • 11 stacks of solid blocks
  • 15 stacks of slabs
  • 4 stacks of trapdoors
  • 10 stairs
  • 2 water buckets
  • 4 ladders
  • 4 hoppers
  • 4 chests
  • 1 bed
  • 2 stacks of scaffolding

Now that you’ve acquired all of the necessary resources, you’ll need to find an elevated area in your world. I recommend searching for a tall mountain, but in an area that allows you access to the highest point without doing too much parkour.

Building the farm

Time to get started with the farm! This will be a step-by-step guide on how to construct everything.

    xp farm step 1
  1. Place all your scaffolding down until it reaches as high as it can go, then go to the top of that tower.
  2. xp farm step 2
  3. Next, build a 4×2 extension from the top. Place all four chests at the end with hoppers on top of them, and then place two blocks and two stairs in between you and the chests.
  4. xp farm step 3
  5. Place slabs on top of the hoppers and then surround them with solid blocks, but leave an opening in the front. In this opening, place a trap door on both sides.
  6. xp farm step 4
  7. Build up this outline to be 22 blocks tall.
  8. xp farm step 5
  9. At the top, add blocks to the corners and replace the outline at said top portion with stairs that face outward. Then place four ladders within the ‘tube’ under the stairs facing each other.
  10. xp farm step 6
  11. Build out a 7×2 extension with slabs on all four sides.
  12. xp farm step 7
  13. Build walls around all of these extensions.
  14. xp farm step 8
  15. Connect the edges of all the walls with slabs.
  16. xp farm step 9
  17. Place slabs with water sources in them at the end of every ‘hallway’.
  18. xp farm step 10
  19. Place and open trap doors on the sides of the walls above the water path on all sides.
  20. xp farm step 11
  21. We need to prevent spiders from spawning, so place trapdoors on top of the platforms in this exact formation. Do not place them randomly! Do your best to mimic the exact placement you see here!
  22. xp farm step 12
  23. Now, build a 3-block-high wall surrounding the entire structure.
  24. xp farm step 13
  25. After that, make another layer that is similar to the one you just built, with the slabs and the trap doors. Do this 3 more times. Make sure to leave at least a 2 block clearance between each layer.
  26. xp farm step 14
  27. Now that you’ve added more layers, just build a wall and a roof. You’re done!


Final Tips

Not that you need any more advice, but if you’d like to get the most value from your farm, here are some tips.

  • Use weapons enchanted with ‘Looting’ to receive more drops from the mobs.
  • Place torches on the outside of the farm to prevent mobs from spawning, increasing the mob spawn rate inside the farm.
  • Decrease render distance to improve performance.
  • Do not sneak (press shift) when using the farm. A creeper might see you!
  • Go AFK while the mobs stack up and spawn in, then come back and farm them all!



That’s all folks! Your one-stop shop on how to produce a crazy amount of XP while also acquiring massive amounts of mob drops like gunpowder, rotten flesh, and bones. That’s all the good, rare stuff, right? At the endgame, it can always be a pain to get XP, with the most efficient method being going into the Nether and mining Quartz. But that’s dangerous and boring. This farm takes away the tedium of it all. I hope this guide helped you, and with that being said, have a great day!

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