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Best Tipped Arrows In Minecraft

Posted: Oct 30, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


Minecraft has captivated players worldwide since its release in 2011. One of its most intriguing features is the ability to craft and utilize various weapons, each with its unique advantages and applications. Among these, tipped arrows stand out as a versatile tool, offering players a wide range of possibilities. Tipped arrows are a testament to Minecraft’s depth and complexity, combining the various potions in the game with precision ranged combat. In this blog, we will explore the mechanics, uses, and significance of the best tipped arrows in Minecraft.

Tipped Arrows

Tipped arrows are arrows that have been infused with the effects of a potion, creating a potent projectile. To craft tipped arrows, players need a supply of regular arrows and a potion of their choice, along with an extremely rare resource: Dragon’s Breath. The potion of choice can be created by brewing various ingredients in the brewing stand. Alchemy is deserving of a whole guide on its own, so we won’t be getting into brewing today. But if you aren’t keen on brewing potions, check out this guide here.

Tipped Arrow Crafting Recipe

Once a potion is made, players need to turn it into a lingering version of itself. To create a lingering potion, you’ll need to combine your potion with dragon’s breath, which can be acquired in the Ender Dragon fight. Then, combine the regular arrows with the lingering potion in a crafting table to create tipped arrows. The duration and potency of the potion’s effect on the arrow depend on the brewing process and the ingredients used.

Alternatively, tipped arrows can also be acquired using villager trades from the Fletcher villager. However, you’ll need to trade with said villager to level them up and what arrows they sell can be fairly random.

Using Tipped Arrows

Tipped arrows have an array of uses in the Minecraft world, making them a valuable addition to any player’s inventory. Some of their primary applications include:

Combat – Tipped arrows can be used as an effective long-range projectile. I mean, they’re literally just an arrow but with a potion effect. Depending on the potion used, they can deliver status effects to enemies upon impact. For example, arrows tipped with a potion of harming can deal substantial damage, while those tipped with a potion of weakness can weaken enemies, reducing their attack strength.

Hunting mobs – Tipped arrows are particularly useful for hunting specific mobs. Arrows infused with a potion of instant healing may seem useless at face value, but they’re extremely powerful against undead mobs. If you weren’t aware, instant healing does damage to undead, so those tipped arrows will essentially double your damage against zombies.

Defense – Tipped arrows can be employed for defense, especially in multiplayer settings. Arrows tipped with a potion of the turtle master may seem like a bad idea, as it would dramatically increase the enemy’s defense, but it will also slow them down a ton! Use this when defending a position and there is a desire to slow the enemies down.

The Best Tipped Arrows

Of course, this is all based on my opinion. So don’t take it too hard if your favorite ain’t here!

Tipped Arrow of Weakness

Weakness – Weakness is by far one of the best potions in the game, and in high-level PvP it is invaluable. Applying weakness through a tipped arrow is incredibly potent not just because of the status effect itself, but because of the nature of tipped arrows. You will continuously refresh this status effect when needed on the enemy player throughout the fight, slowly winning through a war of attrition where the enemy is perpetually weakened. Great stuff!

Tipped Arrow of Turtle Master

Turtle Master – While this may seem like an effect you wouldn’t want to give to an enemy, it can be a great tool! Turtle Master offers considerable defensive improvements but also slows down the target to such a screeching halt, that they’ll have no way of catching up. You can use this opportunity to perform any necessary actions you see fit, whether that be trapping them in some sort of structure or just running away to safety. It isn’t necessarily as effective at winning fights in PvP as Weakness is, but you can understand the utility of immobilizing an enemy. Worst case scenario, it gives you time to think and plan your next move.

Tipped Arrow of Instant Harming

Instant Harming – When in doubt, buff the numbers! Instant Harming is the simplest tipped arrow, but that simplicity enables benefits that are easy to understand and utilize. Instant Harming will simply improve the damage of the arrow by applying the potion effect alongside the arrow damage. Having arrows that just damage more can’t possibly be a bad thing, so this works out just fine!


To conclude, tipped arrows in Minecraft are a testament to the game’s depth and complexity. They add versatility, strategy, and creativity to the player’s toolkit, encouraging them to explore the world of potions and apply them in combat and other situations. Whether used in combat, hunting, defense, or purely just alchemical collecting, tipped arrows stand as a remarkable feature that enhances the Minecraft experience, making it even more immersive and engaging for those willing to put in the work.

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