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Best Starting Location in Project Zomboid

Posted: Feb 28, 2022 in Project Zomboid

mc head By Kevin Lott


In the world of the everlasting post-apocalypse, Project Zomboid can be quite the challenging experience. It’s not even just the hordes of man-eating zombies, but the sparse resources all around in the world. They often say no men are created equal, and that also applies in the world of Project Zomboid. Where you spawn is a big determinant of your success. Because of this, today, we’re going to go over the best places to spawn when starting your game. Let’s begin.

Best locations

Short answer, Muldraugh is the best place to spawn. Long answer, Riverside is also a good option. But why is this the case? Well, each location has its own benefits.


With an average amount of zombies, Muldraugh is fairly safe in most areas besides the west side, which is entirely infested. But why is Muldraugh the best location to spawn? It comes down to the fact that the spawn points are very good, with the starting locations typically being very safe whether it be super remote areas in a gated home or inside of a building.


High-tier loot is also pretty common in Muldraugh, with most of the community agreeing that Muldraugh is the best when it comes to high-tier loot and late game potential. Unfortunately, this is at the expense of early game potential. The libraries and schools are far and infested, making it difficult to utilize them to generate experience.

Muldraugh is also known for having good base-building opportunities. There are a lot of gated parts of towns, farms, isolated houses, cabins, warehouses, and overall there are many areas to utilize. Most of these safe areas have natural zombie defenses.


Riverside is a fairly simple yet effective starting point for your adventure. And you’ll never guess why. The river! Conveniently, the river allows you to fish and collect food. A bait shop is located on the northern end of town, near the riverside. This shop contains two readily made rain collector barrels, which also allows you to have a headstart on renewable water for farming and drinking.


Near the fishing shop, there also lies a police station. This location is vital as it houses nightsticks and guns sometimes, both of which are quite valuable. You’ll need to break through the armory door, but it’s worth it.

Afterward, there is also a local gas station that houses cigarettes, but more importantly, fuel. Fuel can be used for cars. It’s pretty obvious why a working vehicle would be beneficial. The asphalt looks so nice with that crimson zombie splatter.

South of all of that has you finding a VHS store and a liquor store. The VHS store has some videos you can use to generate experience early on which will help you up your skills. Those informative shows are quite nice! The liquor store provides alcohol, which at face value isn’t all that valuable, but remember that alcohol can be used as a disinfectant. Project Zomboid is quite realistic!

The center of town houses the local school. Isn’t public education just the greatest? In any case, the school is a reliable source of books which are great for upping your skills. The school also most likely has some backpacks, and those are quite useful for increasing your inventory space.

Lastly, there are tons of other useful miscellaneous locations with their own specializations and small offerings. This includes the hardware store which houses weapons and tools, the pharmacy for medical supplies, and the gigamart which has tons of food.


To conclude, Muldraugh is the best place to spawn in Project Zomboid, but it takes a truly experienced survivor to utilize all of its strengths. When it comes to beginners, it’s best that they use a more beginner-friendly spawn with more obvious advantages, like Riverside. In any case, I hope this blog helped you learn more about Project Zomboid. I hope you have a wonderful day!

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