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Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds

Posted: Jan 12, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


When starting a survival world, it can be quite the pain trying to get a suitable start. Sometimes the world just doesn’t agree with you, and you may spawn on a deserted island hundreds of blocks away from any form of land with trees. Maybe, for once, you just want to play in a specific biome or find that one structure. This is where seeds come in. Since Minecraft seeds allow any player to use a predetermined world, users can share favorable seeds with each other. Today, we’re going to go over some seeds that may interest you for the latest version, 1.18. Let’s begin.

The Seeds

seed 888476504

Seed: 888476504
This is a Bedrock seed that has a massive sloped cliff that looks amazing! It even has an interesting entrance to a cove looking area. (Pillager Outpost at 775,535 | Main Cliff at 650,200 | Savannah Village at 100,200 | Ruined Portal at 250,1-5 | Ocean Monument at 1368,311 | Amethyst Geode at 1185,310)

seed 1755601835

Seed: 1755601835
This is a Bedrock seed that houses giant meadow surrounded by jagged snowy peaks. I particularly like the back and forth formation of the valley. This seed doesn’t have many structures or special biomes nearby, so the main attraction is the area visualized above.

seed 750596228

Seed: 750596228
This is a Bedrock seed that has three giant mountains all near each other with hundreds of snowy Spruce trees. It also has some ultra rare spawns nearby. (All three mountains at -2500, 2500 | Giant village at -4750, 2800 | Mushroom Island at 730, -200 | Another mountain range with a village at -900, 1200)

seed 470334615

Seed: 470334615
This is a Bedrock seed that probably has the most epic cave system in all of Minecraft. Massive stalactites hang from the ceiling along with waterfalls and lichen all across the walls. It’s truly an awesome sight.


That’s all! 1.18 hasn’t been out for long, so it’s honestly amazing how so many unique seeds with great finds have been found already. From cascading mountains to massive villages, these seeds showcase the amazing new generation added in this recent update. WIth that being said, I hope you found the seed for your new survival world, and have a great day.

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