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All Features Added in Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part II

Posted: Dec 27, 2021 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


Ever since Minecraft Live 2020, people have been more than excited for the new enhanced world generation and cave generation that Caves and Cliffs would implement into the game. Unfortunately, Mojang had underestimated the technical complexity of the update and how much it affected performance, so they had to delay the update for quite a some time. A compromise was made by splitting the update into two parts that had the first half including most of the content while the second half would add in the new generational changes. Recently, on November 30th, Part II finally released and we’re very excited because today we’re going over all of the update’s features and major changes. Let’s begin.

Features and Changes

1.18 brings a lot of major changes and new features into the game. This will serve as a compiled and organized list of version 1.18.0.

Noise Caves and Aquifers

spaghetti caves
noodle caves
Cheese caves
aquifer cave

Because this update is half focused on caves, they have been changed quite a bit. Cave generation has been changes completely in that there are now multiple different types of caves including Cheese caves, Spaghetti caves, Noodle caves, and Aquifers all characertized by different structural differences. All those names are purely used based on shape, there aren’t caves made of actual cheese by the way.

Cheese caves are the largest variant, with huge spires of rock that connect the ceiling and the floor. Spaghetti and Noddle caves are very similar, with them being cramped and long channels that interconnect with other similar caves. Aquifers are the final variant while also being the most interesting in my opinion. Basically, an Aquifer is a cave with a consistent water level, sort of like its own lake. This may be the first time you want a boat in a cave!

World Height Limit Expanded

deepslate caves

Minecraft just got a whole lot bigger! Starting now, the world height limit has increased by 64 blocks downward! That means that if you dig down after y=0, you’re not going to hit Bedrock, but rather y=-1 all the way to y=-64. This is characterized by a new block, Deepslate, which replaces Stone as the dominant block in that region.

Also, the height of clouds has changed as well. The Cloud level is now 192 instead of 128.

New Biome: The Frozen Peaks

The Frozen Peaks is a biome in the Overworld that is known for its towering mountains made out of stone, packed ice, and snow. You can find many goats chilling (get it?) here climbing about the landscape. The weather here, due to its cold nature, causes all rain to become snow, just like other snowy biomes.

New Music

caves and cliffs soundtrack

With 1.18, we have a few new tunes brought to us by some talented musicians. Even the madam who worked on Pigstep joined in on the fun! You can find Lena Raine on Youtube and Kumi Tanioka on Spotify.

Ancestry by Lena Raine

An Ordinary Day by Kumi Tanioka

Comforting Memories by Kumi Tanioka

Floating Dream by Kumi Tanioka

Infinite Amethyst by Lena Raine

Left to Bloom by Lena Raine

One More Day by Lena Raine

Stand Tall by Lena Raine

Wending by Lena Raine

New Ore Distribution

1.18 ore distribution

Rather than a single major feature, this section is a combination of many individual changes that all come together to form what will now be known as the new ore distribution, which will change how people mine for ores forever.

There is now strategy to mining, as not all ores spawn at the same height level. You’ll need to make a trade off depending on what ore you would like. Iron Ore generates below height 72, with a strong bias towards height 16. Iron Ore also generates above 80, with more Iron Ore as you go higher. Copper Ore generates between height 0 and 96, with a strong bias towards height 48. Copper Ore generates in larger amounts in Dripstone Caves Biome. Lapis Lazuli Ore generates below height 64, with a strong bias towards height 0. However, Lapis Lazuli Ore below height -32 or above height 32 cannot generate exposed to air. It will either be buried or inside water. Coal Ore generates above height 0, with a strong bias towards height 96 and above. Coal Ore has reduced air exposure, so you will find more Coal Ore buried or underwater than exposed to air. Gold Ore generates below height 32, with a strong bias towards height -16. Extra Gold Ore generates below height -48. Extra Gold Ore can be found in Badlands biomes above height 32. Redstone Ore generates below height 16. Redstone Ore generation gradually increases as you go below height -32 and further down. Diamond Ore generates below height 16, with more Diamond Ore the lower you go. Diamond Ore have reduced air exposure, so you will find more Diamond Ore buried or underwater than exposed to air. Emerald Ore generates above height -16 in mountainous biomes, with more Emerald Ore the higher you go. Emerald Ore below height 0 is very rare!


While 1.18 may not be as flashy as its more content rich half, 1.17, on a purely technical level it is by far the most impressive update Minecraft has ever released. To expand on the game’s world so much while still having to ensure it all runs well on an iPhone is remarkable, and I offer the utmost respect to Mojang for doing great work. In any case, now you know everything that was added in the latest update, and you can begin your six month hibernation until 1.19. Until then!

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