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What is the Best Horse in Minecraft?

Posted: Sep 26, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Exploring Minecraft worlds can be an overwhelming task, as the max size for a default map is around 30 million blocks. Due to this, players may want a speedier option to continue their adventures. Luckily in 2013, Mojang added horses to Minecraft which allows you to tame and ride them. Some of these horses are better than others, which can be randomly found throughout the world. However, building horse farms can result in a maxed out ride for you. For instance, constantly breeding these passive mobs could lead to a bunch of speed, jump height, and even health. This comes in handy if you play in Hardcore mode, as creepers tend to completely destroy players. With all this in mind, we’ll explore the best Minecraft horse and how to obtain one, among other useful mobs that could help you.

Best Horses in Minecraft

Minecraft Horses

You may have already noticed in-game that there are many different horses, with their own unique skins and behaviors. The most common method for getting horses is choosing the best looking one, but this comes with downsides. You may find a colorful horse that is exactly what you’re looking for, minus the fact it has no good stats. Instead of trying to get lucky in the wild, start selectively collecting and breeding horses to get the best. Once a farm is established, you and others can begin seeing which one is best for speed, jumping, or health. Although, there is a trick to getting the best horse in Minecraft.

How to Obtain Horses
Minecraft Breeding Horses

Before talking about the most powerful horse, you’ll want to know how to grind for it. As noted before, a farm or breeding area is the first step. Technically, finding two or more horses is number one. Regardless, get horses into a secluded area and right-click them to start the process. This will allow them to let you ride, which should spawn in-game heart particles to signify the horse’s affection towards you. Afterward, right-click them again, but with golden apples or carrots to start breeding. At this point, it’s important to note that only the best horses are selectively bred. For example, breeding a low level horse does not spawn a higher leveled one. This would create a bloodline of weak horses, and no Minecraft player wants that.


The Best Horse

A maxed out Minecraft horse will be a challenging task due to the time it takes for breeding one. However, whenever you do obtain one, the results are worth it. Let’s say you have a completely stacked horse, you can ride super fast and jump really high to avoid obstacles or to have fun. In some cases, speeding around makes you glitch into blocks and could result in damage. These are majestic and dangerous creatures, be warned. Although, they’ll certainly help with your exploration efforts, especially with diamond armor. Besides this, review the best horse stats in Minecraft down below to know their power.

Minecraft Best Horse
StatMax Power
Health30 Hearts
Speed14.5 Blocks/sec
Jump Height5 Blocks


Extra Horses

There are exceptions to the maxed out horse, as there are variants in the game that offer a similar experience. For example, a donkey could be comparable to the best horse, but allows players to store their items in an attachable chest. This might be best for explorers, unless speed is a priority since donkeys aren’t fast enough. Either way, there are different species for you to saddle up and try. We’ll go through them briefly down below to get you started.

Minecraft Donkey and Mules

Donkeys & Mules – Both donkeys and mules are the same, at least in the sense of statistics. These mobs have 15-30 hearts, a speed of 7.5 blocks per second, and only jumps 1.9 blocks at a time. Although, the donkey takes the win due to its ability for adding a chest. Players use them for extra storage, exploits, and more! Mules are just kind of there, existing without special abilities. Sadly, no armor can be applied to these odd mobs. This means horses are still a popular choice for exploration and combat.

Minecraft Skeleton Horses

Skeleton Horses – These undead horses are a bit different compared to living ones, as they already have maxed out hearts and speed by default. They only receive 15 hearts and a speed of 8.6 blocks per second, but its block jump ranges from 1.9 to 5.2. This means there are better ones out there, but isn’t really worth the trouble. As for their spawns, it has to be raining for them to randomly appear. Although, traps made by players can forcibly spawn skeleton horses. Be cautious though, players attempting to tame these creatures may trigger an attack by all of them.



Riding the best Minecraft horse in your world means better speed, health, and jumping abilities. These features can truly improve your gameplay, as quickly running away from creepers or speeding along the desert are a few benefits to horses. Whether you get the third best or better creature, you’ll surely get positive results. Other times, players would rather have cooler looking horses instead of maxed stats. This could be a different colored horse or a completely different one, such as a skeleton variant. Either way, these Minecraft horses will help you with your journeys.

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