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The Best Mods for CS:GO

Posted: May 18, 2022 in CSGO

mc head By Kevin Lott


CS:GO is one of the most classic competitive shooters of all time, fostering one of the most ancient yet popular esports communities of all time. With its fast-paced gameplay that places a heavy emphasis on mechanical skill, it’s obvious to see how it has stayed a fan favorite over the years. Despite all of this, though, playing through the same gameplay loop for a decade can get a little stale. One could find value in spicing up the game in creative ways and the best way to do that is surely mods. Through the use of the Steam workshop, we have access to numerous user-created mods that all add their own unique content to the game. Today, we’re going to compile a list of all the best mods. Let’s begin.

Best CS:GO Mods

Unlike our other “best _ mods” blogs, this one will be a little different. Because of the nature of CS:GO, most of the mods we look at are going to be maps, skins, or edits of existing content, rather than actual new mechanics or functionality. That’s just the nature of the game. With that being said, let’s see what we’re working with.


AWP LEGO 2 – A legendary map mod which has a simple lego aesthetic and an addicting gameplay loop. Both sides spawn with nothing besides the AWP, a one-shot bolt action sniper. This is one of the best aim training maps that actually still plays like the game. Also, as per its namesake, this is the long awaited sequel to the original AWP LEGO.

Cyber Arena CSGO

Cyber Arena – A cyberpunk-themed rocket arena map with a faster-paced style of gameplay. This map sports a very unique art style, looking like it came straight out of Tron. Apparently, the map is also sponsored by steelseries, a gaming peripherals company. How interesting.

Chicken Farm CSGO

CHICKEN FARM – A map made in one week as an experiment. This is an odd one, but I’ll do my best to explain it. There are numerous chickens spread across the map next to their coops, all with different cosmetics and such to differentiate them. The player may click on the chicken to make it lay eggs faster, and they can combine chickens to make them a higher level. The player can also buy hen houses, upgrade their farm, prestige, and much more. It seems this map is an incredibly strange cookie clicker type minigame based around chickens laying eggs. CS:GO really has it all.


Betway Aim Challenge 3.0 – A map that allows the player to find out how fast their skills are compared to real professional players, friends on their friends list, and more utilizing custom time trial courses with bot targets. This map includes key features such as time logs, bot targets, a cleaning team, specific gun-based sections, short and long range targets, leaderboards, detailed stats, and much more. This is a great resource for any player trying to improve their aim while also seeing direct comparisons using real time statistics to understand their growth over time.


Backrooms – A defusal map inspired by Kane Pixel’s Backrooms video series. If you’re unaware of what the backrooms are, they’re a sort of online urban myth based on the premise that if you’re not careful, you can quite literally noclip out of reality in the wrong areas. You will then end up in the Backrooms, an infinite ever-expanding conglomerate of halls and rooms dimly lit by yellow fluorescent lights. Creepy!


coop_mission_haunted – A map that acts as a challenging mission for a couple or more friends working together to all make it to the end. Fight monsters, solve puzzles, go through a live story, and much more in this beautiful map that may or may not use many resources stolen from Skyrim and Source.


It’s simply amazing how all of these mods have their own charm and completely change CS:GO in unique ways. Whether it be turning the game into a glorified cookie clicker, playing a mission in a massive reference to an urban myth, or having an epic fantasy journey with your friends, there are tons of things to do with modded CS:GO. In any case, I hope you found a new mod to check out this weekend, and with that, I hope you have a wonderful day!

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