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Avatar Minecraft Servers – Create Your Own!

Posted: Mar 21, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender might want to play around with the elements in Minecraft servers – amplified with a group of friends. There are some multiplayer worlds that you can join to begin this grand adventure, but what’s the best one? It all depends on the experience you want in-game, as each server will have minor differences. What if you wanted to create your own? You can certainly do that! We’ll be showcasing popular Avatar Minecraft servers for you to try out and how to make your own in this Apex Hosting blog. Let’s get started!

Available Avatar Minecraft Servers

Minecraft Avatar Servers

Due to the niche market for Avatar Minecraft servers, there are only a handful of popular ones. These range from small to large communities, with some offering unique differences compared to each other. We’ve gone through and found great choices for you to consider – check them out.


Considered to be the most popular choice for Avatar Minecraft servers, BendersMC provides you with tons of survival worlds and competitive combat to explore. There can be anywhere from 100 to 300 players online at any given time, spanning across its vast network. Unfortunately, newcomers might have to wait in a queue before enjoying the server. You can join right now by using the latest Minecraft version and using the play.bendersmc.co IP address.


For those looking to have a more accessible Avatar Minecraft server, MegaCraft is perfect for that! This is a small community of around 50 to 100 players regularly that all enjoy themselves. Choose between any elements you want and begin your adventure with friends. This Minecraft server even offers the ability to join with Bedrock Edition! Get started today with the latest version and join using the hub.megacrafting.com address.


In cases where you want to be truly immersed in the Avatar realm, consider joining the AvatarMC server. This small Minecraft community offers its players the opportunity to talk with themed characters to choose elements, train, and more. Additionally, the owners constantly keep the server up-to-date and provide detailed information about changes. Connect by using the latest Minecraft version and the avatarmc.com IP address.

How to Make an Avatar Minecraft Server

Rather than joining other multiplayer worlds, make your own Avatar Minecraft server to play with friends. This is easily achieved by installing plugins or mods, depending on your desired setup. If you don’t already have a Minecraft server with us, purchase one here before getting started. Afterward, you can begin setting up ProjectKorra or Avatar Mod 2 for the ultimate experience. Contact our Support for any installation assistance. When you’re finished, you and friends alike can spend countless hours on your new Avatar Minecraft server!

Minecraft Avatar Server Hosting


Playing with Friends in Avatar Minecraft

Controlling water, fire, earth, and air are all aspects of an Avatar Minecraft server. Some networks might even include unique features too that add to the experience. Whether you want to play on someone else’s server or your own, there is always an option. We wish you the best of luck during your grand adventures of being the best avatar – have a good one!

Start Your Minecraft Server

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