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ARK: Survival Ascended Scorched Earth DLC

Posted: Apr 2, 2024 in ARK: Survival Ascended

mc head By Nathan Young

A return from the original – ARK: Survival Ascended brings back a remastered version of the Scorched Earth DLC. That’s right! You and other players alike can embark on grand adventures in a new world, full of exciting dinosaurs. Everything has been redesigned with Unreal Engine 5, resulting in high quality graphics. This means players can expect to see returning creatures and core features from the original DLC in ARK: SE. Additionally, there are new skins to try out for more customization of your character(s). Let’s begin to explore what the ARK: Survival Ascended Scorched Earth DLC map has to offer you!

ASA Scorched Earth DLC

As of April 1st, the Scorched Earth DLC comes to ARK: Survival Ascended. Anyone can download and begin playing on this new map, so host your own dedicated server to play with friends! We make it extremely easy for you to set this up, as it only takes a few minutes. Besides all that, the actual Scorched Earth DLC provides you with a large world, new areas to explore, and dinosaurs to slaughter or tame. Learn more about these features in the subsections below.

New Dinosaurs

New dinosaurs are coming to ASA with its release of the Scorched Earth DLC. These are all returning creatures from before, such as the Fasolasuchus, Death Worm, Jerboa, Jug Bug, Lymantria, Wyvern, Mantis, and more. This means you can begin to relive the wonders of ARK: Survival Evolved, in an ascended experience with updated graphics. Consider taming or slaying these dinosaurs, the choice is yours to make! Shape this new world in your own way.

ARK SA Scorched Earth Dinos


New Skins

ARK SA Scorched Earth Skins

New and returning skins are coming to ARK: Survival Ascended too in this Scorched Earth DLC! This means you can rock some cowboy or cowgirl cosmetics in your world. Although, there are new kinds awaiting your discovery in-game. These help personalize your gameplay experience and allow you to stand out from the crowd. Try them out with friends and have fun with all the new dinos in ASA. Otherwise, stick to your old character appearance for an authentic feeling of the game.


Core Features

ARK SA Scorched Earth Features

There is an incredible environmental shift when comparing The Island and Scorched Earth, as they are two completely different maps. The DLC offers its players a desert, with few oases for collecting resources. Players must focus on survival in this hostile world, as dynamic weather patterns exist in this place – such as sandstorms, electrical storms, and heat waves. Only those with enough experience, smarts, and skill can overcome these challenges, along with dangerous dinosaurs lurking nearby. The Scorched Earth DLC for ARK: Survival Ascended is a must have adventure with friends, as it opens the door for wild journeys and survival.

New Animated Explorer Notes

Gather ’round the campfire, fellow Survivors! We are thrilled to unveil an exciting addition to the world of ARK: Survival Ascended – introducing the captivating animated tales of the renowned ARK veteran, Bob. Voiced by the talented Karl Urban, these are explorer notes that await discovery during your adventures, recounting the thrilling exploits of Bob and his extraordinary journey. Set against the backdrop of ARK’s rich history, Bob regales his epic adventures to the youthful Meeka, voiced by the delightful Auliʻi Cravalho.

ARK SA Scorched Earth Animated Explorer Notes

Embark on these immersive tales today by exploring your very own ARK: Survival Ascended server!

ARK: Survival Ascended with Friends

The glorious adventures in ARK are best had with friends on a dedicated server, where you’re in control over in-game features. This is amplified with DLC maps, such as the latest one – Scorched Earth. Explore a vast desert, find suitable living conditions, tame wild dinos, slay hostile creatures, and use your knowledge to overcome any challenge. Whether you’re a builder or fighter, this new map has much to offer you. Take time to discover its vast features and don’t forget to customize your character with top notch outfits. With all this said, have a good one!

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